Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Cyclone in Mozambique

by Madison Bors

Mozambique is a nation in East Africa that has quite a few popular beaches on its coastline. Recently, with all the high winds, there was a cyclone that really took a toll on the country of Mozambique. People are living in fear and don’t feel safe in their own homes or even schools anymore.

Houses were destroyed and lots of people lost their lives. At Eduardo Mondlane Primary Completion school, 32 out of 48 classrooms were destroyed. Nearly, 300,000 kids, including the 508 that attend the Primary Completion school have had the disastrous winds interrupt their learning and education. People are frustrated, because they want kids and students to have a good education, but its hard when the only thing they can focus on in class is how they no longer have a house and they may have just lost a family member because of the high winds.

The country is taking action to rebuild, but lots of communities are rebuilding in fear that the same thing will happen again, but it will be worse. Some places feel money is being wasted just for more high winds to take down what was just rebuilt. Antonia Manuel Tom states, “I'm scared if another cyclone comes, it will take our house and the wind will blow us all away,"

No child, or anyone should have to live in fear that the next day their house may not be standing and they may not get to talk to some family members again.

Also, in Mozambique, kids, even without the winds, aren’t getting enough to eat. One of the young girls that attends Eduardo Mondlane Primary Completion has no textbooks or notebooks. The wind just takes more and more of a toll on the students every time. It’s crazy to think that over 600 schools, that kids were attending and receiving an education in, were completely destroyed.

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