Wednesday, March 6, 2019

"Say Something" App

article by Ridley Laprise
edited by Caitlynn McAllister

     Last week, Massabesic High School introduced students to an app called “Say Something”. Say Something is an app that creates an anonymous way for students to share important information with teachers and administrators. During Advisory, each teacher presented a slideshow showing students how to use the app and what to use it for. You can “say something” if you see warning signs from someone you know at school or even for one of your close friends, to help prevent fights, suicides, or students failing classes. A lot of administrators and teachers could be unaware when students are having personal issues or not following the school's rules or policies. This app is a great way to help make the adults of Massabesic aware when individuals are struggling and it can provide them with support. In the presentations about the app, students were shown what warning signs and threats were. This taught students how to evaluate peer's behavior and how to tell if their actions are threatening. This app is a way to take that information and use it to support classmates.

     So far I would say the app has been successful and was a great addition to MHS. Administrators have been using the app to help supervise students actions and behaviors. Students have been taken out of classes and searched for contraband, which would not have been known about without the Say Something app. However, besides this one issue, the Say Something program has helped administrators be able to solve issues they wouldn’t have known were happening, making Massabesic High School a safer and happier place.

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