Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Racist Intimidation at KHS
    By: Ellie Salvatore & Chloe Babb

Recent allegations towards Kennebunk High School arose as more people
found out about the apparent disregard of blatant acts of racism against a former teacher, Rosa Slack,
towards her were kept under wraps by the administration. Slack recently revealed that she
was “fearful for her family’s safety” and felt “harassed” as a student said to a school technician
that he wanted to “burn her house down.” This is only one account of the racist acts that were kept
under wraps. During spirit week, on flag day, one student came into Slacks
classroom wearing a confederate flag on his back.

The meeting originally was scheduled to be behind closed doors but was
changed to be public, to discuss the school incidents. This was a good decision
because the community has the right to know about this incident. During the
meeting, Dan Sayre spoke out to say, “We are here tonight because a crisis
was hidden from members of this board and this community.” Everyone was
astonished of the fact that this went on for so long. After the meeting they
came to two conclusions of an act they would take, the first was to have a
subcommittee determine an independent investigation and who would perform
it. The board also asked the administration to provide more information about
the policies. It is not only unfortunate that these acts of racism happened. But
what is more unfortunate is that they were kept hidden as if these acts towards
Slack were not of importance.

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