Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mountain Lions in California at Risk for Extinction

Recently in California, it has been found that two different mountain lion populations are in danger of going extinct within 50 years. The two mountain lion populations at risk are found in southern California, around the Santa Ana and Santa Monica Mountain areas. They think that this risk of extinction is from all of the wildfires occurring where this animal’s habitat is, and also from the genetic diversity within the population of these lions. The fires happening in California are at record levels this year, causing harm all over, including the mountain lions.

However, researchers believe that the mountain lion population can bounce back. Winston Vickers, a co-worker and veterinarian at the University of California-Davis, says,  “Improving existing highway crossing structures, as well as adding news ones, to allow the animals to move safely from one range to another will help the mountain lion population bounce back.” And this will hopefully help the mountain lion population to get back to what it should be after a while. And even though it might take a while to make these changes, they believe this is the best short-term option for the mountain lions.

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