Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Lady Mustangs Take Big Strides

article by Mary Duffy
edited by Shea Lane

     If you look at the Massabesic Girls Basketball team at the beginning of the season compared the end of the season, you would see two different teams. The Lady Mustangs had a losing streak at the beginning of the season, but with hard work and determination they turned their game around and turned out to be a force to be reckoned with.

     One of the many accomplishments that the Lady Mustangs had was that Mackenzie Ouellette was the second player of Massabesic Girls Basketball history to have scored 1000 points in her high school career. Mackenzie not only made Mustang history once, but twice when she accepted a full boat scholarship to the D2 school of Saint Anselm. She is the first girl basketball player in Massabesic history to go to school on a basketball scholarship. When asked how she felt knowing that she is able to play her favorite sport for the next four years, she responded by saying, “It is relieving and exciting. I used to be nervous because I didn’t know where I wanted to go, but now that I do, I couldn’t be more excited.” This is just one of the many great accomplishments that the Massabesic Girls Basketball and MacKenzie Ouellette have achieved this season.

     Another accomplishment that the Lady Mustangs achieved was their record this season. In the previous season the Lady Mustangs record was 3-15, but this year their record was 7-11, beating teams that they were beat by in the previous season. The Lady Mustangs grew as a team and really showed their potential. All of their hard work paid off for the Lady Mustangs because it was the first time in history for the Massabesic Girls Basketball team to make it to the playoffs. They played Scarbrough, the number two seed, at Scarborough's gym. Unfortunately, the Mustang’s season came to close that Wednesday night, with the score of 41-29. Everyone played their hearts out, but sadly that was not enough to seal the victory over Scarbrough. Skylar Renaud, a senior at Massabesic, had a great game and season even after missing out her junior year due to a broken navicular on the top of her foot. She was injured during a soccer game, her junior year, and had to get surgery on her foot. Skylar was very excited to come back and play for her senior year and was very pleased with the season she and the team had. When asked about her experience at the Massabesic Basketball program, she replied with, “Playing basketball at Massabesic was an up and down experience. At the beginning of my four years, the program was struggling and not many girls were in the program. As my four years progressed the program grew and started to have some success. As I’m ending senior year, I can say I’m impressed with what new coaches have brought in and I’m overall happy with my four years here in the girls' basketball program. It is a privilege to be here,” As you can see, Massabesic has taken some big strides towards becoming a successful basketball program.

     All in all, Massabesic Lady Mustangs Basketball program is starting to come along and be a real threat for seasons to come. The team is, unfortunately, losing 6 seniors, 4 of which were starters. They will certainly be missed, and we all wish them well in whatever their future holds.

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  1. Great job highlighting the accomplishments of the girls basketball program!