Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ever Heard of Japanese Club?

article by Alexis Marsh
edited by Shea Lane

     Massabesic High School is a space of learning and fun. Many clubs and activities keep students after school so that they may participate in what they would love to do. A large number of students do attend these sports and clubs but a large number of them don’t. The clubs that intrigue students will capture them and bring them in. Most of the clubs at this school have been around for years while there are some that are more new. The newer ones might not capture the eye of some but more curious students may like them. One specific club could stick out to some students while others will just see it as another random club.

     The one I am talking about is the Japanese Club. This is a club that many at the moment may not know about. Mr. Laich, the teacher who runs the club, hopes that it will grow into something bigger than just an after-school activity. When asked if it was possible to make it an actual class, he responded with, “Absolutely!” He even said it is his biggest wish for the club. Since he had run it before for, “Two years in middle school and one year in high school as a club,” there is most likely nothing within the club that he hasn’t already taught to other students. Now the language and culture of Japan have been brought into our very own school. There is no end to what both teachers and students can learn. This club gives students the opportunity to learn a completely new language besides the two we already have at the school.

     More diversity within languages in regular public schools is something that is definitely needed and Brian Laich is helping Massabesic High School to accomplish that through his club. Not only is he teaching students a completely new language but he is also helping them to learn and understand the culture. Especially since culture is something that is not normally included in a language class taught during the school day. The club is all around fun and entertaining with not a single part of the learning experience being boring. Any person who is willing to learn is welcome to attend and become a member of the club.

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