Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Boys Basketball

article by John Lessard
edited by Shea Lane

Photo taken by Jason Gendron

     Boys’ basketball had an adjustment season as the varsity team went 3-17, JV went 4-16 and the first team went 6-14. The coach had a focus on changing the culture at Massabesic and the perspective of Massabesic as a losing school into a winning school. Under the leadership of a new Varsity coach, Zach Blodgette, Massabesic has been adjusting to the new style of play implemented by the new coaches. All three teams run the same offensive schemes and same defensive philosophy, with the offense having many motion plays and sets, and defense with a help/zone defense.
Photo taken by Jason Gendron

The first half of the season was rough for all 3 teams, but as the season progressed, each team ended up winning more games and they started to get used to the new plays and defensive set. “We got the hang of everything as the season went on, and we got more plays to get more points for everyone,” says Jesse Cadigan, a player for the first team.

Photo taken by Jason Gendron
     As the season comes to an end, the Varsity boys went to playoffs and lost in the first round to Bonny Eagle. The score was 38-46. As the season closed, the team will continue to work hard and improve to come back next season and win more games.

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