Wednesday, March 6, 2019

2019 Massabesic Freshman Film Festival

article Brendan Banks
edited by Caitlynn McAllister

    Everyone loves to watch a good movie. They allow people to get together with friends and/or family, whether rain or shine, and immerse themselves in another world filled with characters, stunning visuals, and effects, and (in most cases) an enjoyable and well-thought-out plot. Which is why it was no surprise that the Massabesic High School film festival for 2019 was a great success!
The filmmakers before the screening of their films
     With a total of 13 movies lasting for about an hour and 15 minutes, the directors of their respected films, along with their family and friends, all came in the auditorium on February 2nd and watched each other's movies with intrigue. There were many good movies that were shown off, including but are not limited to, “The Forest,” “My Strange Addiction,” “Masked” and “The Button.” All of the movies had many hours, takes, and overall hard work put into them, just like any other movie.

     After all of the films had concluded and the judges decided the top three winners, the directors, and actors of the film all got together and talked with one another while waiting, even showing the respect and camaraderie between them by giving praise and laughing about the good parts in each of their movies. Then the judges, along with the 3 core freshman team’s language arts teachers (Mr. Bitetti, Mrs. Bucklet, and Mr. Mercier), walked back into the auditorium to announce the winners and reminded everyone that while there could only be a select amount of winners, everyone should feel extremely proud of how their movies came out, which is definitely true. 

     As for the winners, in 3rd place was “Enlightened” by Brendan Banks, 2nd was “Part of Your World” by Grace Fleming and Avery Haskell, and in 1st place was “The Adventures of Chip, Chunk, and Chicco” by Hannah Sampson, Michala Jacobs, and Emily Jacobs. Each of the winners got a trophy (each trophy being bigger than the last) and Amazon gift cards. When asked about their wins, the third place winner responded saying that, “I feel pretty happy about the place I came in,” and told the freshmen for next year to, “Work hard on making sure everything in your movie is coherent and entertaining” as some advice. Both of the second place winners responded saying that they felt “pretty good about the place that we came in,” as well as telling the freshmen for the following year to “Have fun with it” as some advice. The first place team all agreed that they were, “Excited about it, but we didn’t think we were gonna win” and told the freshman for the following year to, “have good time management” as some advice.

3rd and 2nd place finishers (1st place not available for pictures)
     In the end, there were many feelings going through people that night: disappointment, joy, disbelief, and even embarrassment. Yet somehow everyone was still able to come to the consensus that they had a good time, and if the movies for this year were as good as they were, one can only imagine the fascinating movies that will be shown in the following year’s film festival.

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