Monday, January 28, 2019

The Overnight Popularity of AirPods

Written by Ethan Paquin

AirPods are wireless headphones that were first produced by Apple in 2016, and after this Christmas they are everywhere. Some students who received these as a gift have even started to use phrases such as, “it smells like ‘broke’ in here.” Some feel as if they are a waste of money (AirPods will cost you $159), while others think they are the best earbuds around. Whatever your opinion, we can all agree that the product has blown up. However, that got me thinking; did AirPods become popular because of the bandwagon, or did they become popular because they are a good product?

To some, Apple AirPods are considered to be the best product the company has produced in a long time or even the best Apple product ever. AirPods connect to devices quicker and much more efficiently than standard bluetooth devices. Simply by opening the case they come in, a window will appear on your Apple device asking to allow them to connect. This is just one of the many features that make the AirPods a well thought out product. However, not surprisingly, these are not the only wireless headphones on the market. The brand Ikanzi has a pair of wireless earbuds that function in much the same way. They feature very good sound quality, and the case can also double as a power bank to charge mobile devices or other USB-connected devices. Plus, they cost a mere $55, much cheaper than Apple’s version.

AirPods are a popular piece of technology among students. One idea behind their sudden popularity is the concept of bandwagoning. The bandwagon is a fallacy meaning the most popular opinion is right. For example, a group of people could start wearing a new type of shoe and gain attention for it, which would create the thought that “if everybody else is doing it, I should too.” Some students, when asked on why they purchased AirPods, gave similar answers; they wanted to be able to listen to music while they charge their phone. With the release of the iPhone 7, Apple did away with the headphone jack. There are still ways of using wired headphones such as an adapter or Apple brand earbuds that come with a lightning plug directly instead of the tradition ⅜” jack, ut with AirPods, it is possible to charge your phone while listening to music, because they do not require use of the single lightning port.

Even if you believe AirPods are a waste of money and a horrible product, we can agree that Apple has produced a successful and quality product.

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