Monday, January 28, 2019

Government Employees Struggle Through the Shutdown

Written by Julia Helms
Today is January 25, 2019 and the government shutdown has been in place for almost four weeks. This has had a very large effect on many things such as national parks, loans, jobs, and services to provide for the nation’s people.

Since the government shutdown began 800,000 employees have missed two paychecks. Some employees affected are park rangers, TSA agents, border patrol, post office workers, and people on welfare. Many states and towns are helping these people by allowing them access to food banks and charitable donations. Federal employees are worrying about if they'll still have a place to live when the government shutdown is lifted, because they aren't able to pay their mortgages. Many of these employees have already received letters from their banks stating that their home will be going into foreclosure if they miss another payment.

Federal funding for people and projects such as the Native American reservations across the country are nonexistent. These reservations receive money to help pay for staffing and maintenance of health clinics and food pantries. They now have to use their own money to pay for this, so other services aren't being taken care of. Roads aren't being plowed, so people aren't able to leave their homes to buy food, clothing, or other things they may need. Since a lot of people’s salaries rely on federal funding they aren't getting paid. This is resulting in desperation and hardship among our nation’s working class individuals.

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