Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Leadership Group at MHS

Written by: Ellie Salvatore, Molly Abbott, and Hannah Cram

The leadership program is a group of students chosen by teachers and coaches that they identifying as present and future leaders. The leadership program is promoting and encouraging leadership and professionalism. There are about 30 students, both male and, female that are a part of this program.  
Ellie Salvatore, a student at Massabesic High School, who’s a part of this group, states, “This is a great program to acknowledge the leadership in oneself.”  This program talks about building leadership among a sports team or in a classroom. The group is looking to expand their ideas into actions.  
For example, on October 22, the leadership group was joined by fellow leaders of the ‘Boy's To Men’ group. Even though the name sounds like it’s excluding girls, they talked about equality that girls and boys should have. And how the stereotypes that people are put in are unnecessary. They talked about how at a young age, children are trying to find their identity and they are placed in boxes and made them who the society wanted them to be.  This group helps people realize that they have the traits of a leader. In one of the meetings, the group was asked to talk about the traits that they have that are positive. The room went silent when they had to discuss it with a small group because many of the individuals had never thought about the positive traits they have. This group focuses on bring the positive traits out of people and working fixing any negative traits.   Overall, the leadership program is a great way to spread leadership traits and fix problems that are occurring around the school.                    

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