Monday, November 5, 2018

Massabesic Theatre Program

article by Charlee Tucker
edited by Peyton Smith 

At Massabesic High School, classes have just begun and with that comes the start of fall sports and activities. This includes the start of the school’s theatre program. The theatre program splits the group of students that are involved into two groups: the cast and the crew. The crew is the people who help to get everything prepared for the cast. The cast is the people who perform the plays and musicals for their community. For about a month, the theatre program has been getting together three days a week and have been tirelessly practicing their roles for their first performance of the play, “Hide and Seek”, planned to be performed on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of December. Now some of you may be wondering, what exactly happens in the theatre program? I asked crew member Avery Haskell and cast member Grace Fleming to answer this question.

When asked this question Haskell stated, “In the crew, we all get together and plan out what we are gonna do for the play so we are ready for the performance. For example, I do hair and makeup so right now we are deciding how we should do the characters’ makeup, making sure the makeup matches the costume. While I am doing this, others are making props and costumes for the show.” On the other hand, when Fleming was asked the very same question, her response was simply “We get together and practice our roles until we have everything down to exactly how it should be.” After hearing this I became curious about whether there had been any major setbacks so far, so I went to senior Maddison Phillips with this question. After much thought, Phillips responded, "This year we have so many more freshman and it has been really hard getting them accustomed to high school theater. This has resulted in it being a really bumpy start, but now things have begun running much smoother.”

The theater program will accept anyone and are still looking for new members to help the crew. If you have any questions please contact the director of this program Catherine Leavitt on her email:

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