Monday, November 5, 2018

Lyman Elementary's Annual Halloween Stroll

article by Caitlynn McAllister

Basic Information (Date & Activities)

Every year Lyman Elementary hosts a spooky and fun filled Halloween stroll. This year it was on Friday the 19th, and they requested that families be there for 6:45 pm. The stroll is mainly run by the PTC who takes the donations of candy, plan the stroll, and put it together. This fun night consists of watching a play put on by the drama club, walking through the “haunted” hallway, going into the cafe where you can enjoy snacks (donuts and cider), and sitting down to make some halloween crafts!

What Was It like?

When I first arrived at the stroll the principle of the school directed me and my family to the gym where the drama club soon put on a play called, “The Big Pumpkin.” Overall the play was very well put on they had costumes, props, and you could hear everything they said clearly. Once the play was over the principle directed families (starting with kindergarten-fifth) to the actual stroll. At the start of the stroll a volunteer would mark your hand so that they know you already went through. Then you walk to the stroll where more volunteers are there handing out candy to the kids. The hallway that you walk through was somewhat dark with halloween decorations like pumpkins, webs, lights, spiders (fake), and a little fog (also fake). Once you made your way through the hallway more staff and volunteers were there to direct you to the cafe. When you made it to the cafe there were tables set up with lots of craft materials for you to use, to create spooky decorations for your home or to just have. Lastly there was apple cider and four different donut options, and other little snacks to munch on… for free!

What Goes Into The Planning?

This wonderful night is planned by the PTC of Lyman Elementary. This group is made up of some teachers and parents who volunteer their time to create fun events like this one. When I asked a member of the PTC when they start planning it she said, “We usually start discussing it at the beginning of the school year at the first PTC meeting.” Then I asked what they discussed at this meeting and she explained, “We talk about different ideas we may have to change it up a bit from the previous year, we talk about what went well and what didn’t go so well and then make the appropriate changes.” This shows that each year the PTC works hard to improve the stroll to make it better for everyone. She also told me that once they are done discussing that they work on making the notices that go home to parents, in which they ask for donations and volunteers to help run the event. I then asked how long it takes to plan everything out and she told me, “About a month and a half start to finish.” So planning this is not easy work, neither is the setup. She also told me that, “The day before the stroll the PTC members go to the school decorate the doors, separate the candy and prepare the crafts for the kids to do… that’s about 2 hours of work.” She further explained other stuff that they do on the night of the stroll which takes up too much time; 3 hours in fact. So in total they spend 5 hours setting up and a month and a half planning. That is a lot of their time spent on this! No wonder why it’s so well put together.


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