Monday, November 5, 2018

A Library Full of Support

article by Juliette Beaubien
edited by Emily S. Ireland

*quotes are approximations based on interview questions and may not be word for word

The library has always been the home of literature both big and small, holding books that have seen the smiles of millions. Whether you're looking for an adventure to an alternate universe, a glimpse into the future, or the story of someone who lived a life before even your parents, the library has something for you. For many students of the past the library was their source for information, allowing them to complete their classwork before the time of google. Though, this building does not only host books but also a rare species called “librarians.” These creatures are just like you or I but hold the power of knowledge. They are truly magnificent specimens.
Moving on from the jokes, librarians are truly wonderful people that don’t always get enough credit and are commonly represented in media in some more negative of lights. This being said, I feel more students should know how devoted their librarian is. Suzanne O’Hara is the librarian here at MHS and is quite passionate about what she does. “My greatest wish is for our students to use the library.” She states. “For my students to use the library, to feel welcomed here, that the library is a safe, welcoming, stimulating environment.” This is your librarian, a woman who wants to help students strive and learn.
To give a bit more background, Ms. O’Hara, shockingly, is a lover of books. When asked about her favorite book series she could not pick one and even admitted to reading encyclopedias for fun. Her great passion is what brought her to this job as well as what drives her to do her best for her students, though it seems she wishes for more. “I would like to offer our students a better library.” Her devotion does not simply lie with the books but rather the whole atmosphere of the library. As some may notice, the way a room looks can affect your attitude towards it. With this in mind, the librarian wishes the library “needs a facelift” and I can't say I disagree. If you get the chance, ask her for her thoughts, I can not be the only one fascinated by her idea.
Now, if you thought all I had for this article was a library in need of a makeover and a librarian who likes to read, you’d be wrong. Regardless of her opinion on how the students use the library, O’Hara wants the library to be better in more than just general design. “I want the best computers, the best sound systems, I want state of the art 3D printers. If that happens this place would be filled.” For our librarian, helping the students is the big picture. For a teacher without a proper class, she knows a lot about the students. “I see the stress,” Says Ms. O’Hara, and I believe every word of it. It wouldn't be hard for a teacher to notice the stress among students, but Ms. O’Hara doesn't just notice, she acts. “I spend a lot of my time during my interactions encouraging my students.” Our library along with our librarian are here for the students, ready to help students out through every twist and turn of their school years. This is a fact that I feel should be brought up more, for the sake of Ms. O’Hara and any other librarian out there.
As students we all know what goes on in the library, we all understand how many students have felt about this room, but I wish for this to change that. I want student’s attitudes towards the library to change and for more of us to use it, and I’m sure our librarian would love it as well.

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