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Summer Movies - The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Summer Movies - The Good the Bad and the Ugly 
By Jacob Beaulieu
Edited by Trevor Beals 

     It’s summer, Hollywood’s second favorite movie season! This year Hollywood has pumped out a boat load of movies some are quality, others are crap, and some your just going to need to decide for yourself. In this article we will be taking a look at the movies that started coming out april and will continue to keep coming out throughout the 3 summer months. I will be giving each movie a grade: Good, Bad, or Ugly and I will give a short explanation why it got this grade. So get ready to hear my reviews and speculations of the summer 2018 movies.
Avengers: Infinity War

      This was a great film with one major clause. That is that in order to fully enjoy this movie you need to see the 18 movies before it which even for a movie nerd like me can feel like a chore at times. I was lucky enough to have seen this film (and the 18 before it) and I really enjoyed it. This movie was able to balance about 70 characters in one film without it seeming rushed unlike films before it. It also had a compelling story and kept me engaged the whole time. My one criticism is that (minor spoiler warning!) This film can’t be enjoyed on its own due to it ending on a massive cliffhanger so it will never feel fully complete without its sequel that is coming in 

Solo: A Star Wars story 

      I really want to like this film but there are a few things that make it very hard for me to do that. Solo a Star Wars story is a Star Wars anthology film about a young version of the fan favorite character han solo. The film is fun and usually more lighthearted than the other modern Star Wars films, which I really liked. However the film was very conservative in the sense that it didn’t do anything different. With so many other Star Wars films, there is nothing priticualty special with this one. I didn’t mind the recasting of major star wars characters and actually really loved Donald Glover’s version of the character Lando. While this wasn’t a bad film, it did feel like we needed a young han story that explains every little detail about him in one small period.


     These next movies are all ones that I haven’t watched yet or just aren’t out. I will be judging these by the concept, trailer, and any other information we know about these movies.
Oceans 8

     This movie looks promising. It’s a heist film that follows the oceans 11 story. However there are a couple large changes that make this film interesting. First of all it will be more cut off from the regular ocean films and can be watched by anyone. Secondly the film has an all female cast and the film is going to be lighter and more comedic. This more fun take on an ocean film should make for a very solid movie.
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

     When I go to watch a new movie, I like to see something new and exiting because if you just see the same old things in every movie than you might as well only own one movie. This movie is the prime example of a movie that just recycles the same ideas and makes films with them because they know they will make money. When I saw the trailer for this film I knew that I had seen it before. This was because it just wasn’t original. 

     This movie is the first movie on this list to not be somehow connected to another popular movie as a sequel or prequel so kudos to you Tag! This movie looks super hilarious. It’s about a group of childhood friends who have a very intense tag game that involves traveling all over the world to avoid being tagged by someone. The best part about this film is that it is based on a true story which is just crazy to think about!

     This movie is very formulaic. The rock is stuck in a disaster an he needs to save the day by doing something that is physically impossible. This movie feels like it is being made just for money and no real effort was put into the story. I could be wrong but Skyscraper seems a bit to comom for me.
Ant-Man and the Wasp

     This movie has the potential to be good and might still be good but from the trailer footage that we are getting, nothing seems super special about this film. We have already seen a hero who can shrink down to a small size so doing it again makes it boring. However the heros in this film seem to be using their powers in very creative ways this time which is a plus. My hope for this film is that it goes out of the ordinary by introducing the more comic based elements of ant man or the wasp. Each of these heroes are both very interesting so I hope they are used well.

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