Sunday, June 10, 2018

Safety Is Relative

Safety Is Relative 
Written by: Adelaide Brandt 
Edited by: Bailey Baldwin 

      Every day, the so called dangers of the world are thrown into our faces through the constant stream of news leaking into our lives. Citizens of the United States hear constant news about the terrible things occuring in other places, and the dangers of leaving our “safe country”. However, in actuality, how safe are the United States of America? We as a nation have become so xenophobic, and our political leaders do no part in curing this xenophobia as many encourage the ideas that this is the only safe place in order to remain in power. So what really lies outside the confines of our borders? Terrorists, people that hate the US, pickpockets and thieves, expenses? As far fetched as it may seem, this isn’t the case. 
     First off, the world is not as scary a place as the news makes it out to be. Generally people are quite welcoming, and most do not discriminate against you for being an American, so long as you are respectful of them and their culture. Unfortunately, the media makes it seem as though you’ll be killed if you go to another country, with the exception of a few. The extensive number of travel advisories for all other countries are bound to be off putting. However, in many of the countries we have travel advisories for, you are less likely to be killed than in America.
     In our society today, one is more likely to be shot in school in America than in another country. Countries such as Britain, France, Egypt, Mexico, and many others have put out advisories for their tourists warning them of the gun violence in America. Tourists from Muslim and African countries have even more warnings, as much of the violence in the United States is against their religion and race. 
     It is an interesting dynamic that is held by many American people. In a recent poll by the New York Post, as many as 85% of the people questioned would love to leave the country, yet always come up with excuses as to why they cannot. Another 60% stated that they have a list of places that they would love to go, but won’t. Perhaps one of the largest flaws of American Society is that we look online at pictures of amazing places, and sigh about the fact that we are not there. However, when it comes down to actually traveling, Americans will not actually get on a plane and leave the country.
     In order to become better as a society on a whole, citizens of America must become more worldly and involved in events outside of our own country. 

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