Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Kenya's Killings

Kenya’s Killings
Article by Cassidy Morrell
Edited by Angelli Bishop

     One of Kenya’s Dams burst onto a flower farm Thursday, May 10th, after weeks and weeks of torrential downpour. The heavy rains created a sea of water, which swiftly flowed down their hillside, killing 47. However, the local police chief said they have not pulled all the missing bodies out of the mud, potentially making the death number rise.
     Additionally, Kenya is known as one of the largest cut-flower suppliers to Europe, and their roses grow on a whopping 3,500 acres of farmland, that are often shipped to the Netherlands and Germany. But Kenya’s flower businesses are quickly swept to an end, after the aggressive flood carved out a deep pit that took out the power lines, homes, buildings and even schools. If it wasn’t for the rescue workers, the survivors plucked from the damp rubble would not be alive. 
A woman carries her child as she walks near houses destroyed by flooding water after a dam burst, in Solio town near Nakuru, Kenya. Photograph: Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

     Moreover, the country of East Africa experienced a severe drought last year, which is why the excessive amount of rain over the last two months needed to make up for their lack of water. 
     Not only homes, but roads and bridges have crumbled into the mud rivers as well. Veronica Wanjiku (67) of Solai said, “It was a sea of water. My neighbor was killed when the water smashed through the wall of his house. He was blind so he could not run. They found his body in the morning, My other neighbours also died. All our houses have been ruined.”
     Even before the dam burst, the hard rain caused chaos in Kenya, killing 132 people and leaving 222,000 homeless. The United Nations disaster emergency agency said the flooding is soon to grow worse over the next few weeks.
Heavy rains have been witnessed in several parts of Northern Kenya in the last few days. A truck is stuck sideways in the mud as a group of people attempt to pry it out.


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