Friday, May 11, 2018

The Effect of Technology on Children

Article by Erin Partridge and Kaylei Chabre
Edited by Jack St. Laurent

Technology is a huge uprising in society today. There's a huge controversy, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Are kids using too much technology? Are parents not doing enough to lessen screen time every day? Today we will find out how much technology really affects society.

Technology can influence mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and can even show symptoms of autism. Parents usually dismiss these symptoms and don’t look deeper into these problems, and never see their kids technology as a harmful factor, which can eventually lead to serious disorders. On average, elementary school kids use about 7.5 hours of technology each day, with tv’s, ipads, cell phones, etc.

Technology also affect children’s performance in school. Technology can keep teens up late at night, causing exhaustion the next day. This can make kids fall asleep during school, day dream during lessons, and forget about daily tasks necessary. Lack of sleep can influence intense mood swings. The information one takes in can easily be forgotten. This influences how people execute their everyday tasks.

Although technology creates personal satisfaction, and helps in the classroom for research, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has a positive impact on you brain. Too much screen time can prevent your child from wanting to do anything that has to do with physical activity. Kids and teens tend to get addicted to these hunks of glass and metal easily. Studies show that phones are the equivalent to a slot machine, just in your pocket.

At home, some parents tend to just hand off their phone to their kids because they are being to ‘hyper’. But they are kids, they are supposed to be running around burning energy and being active. Parents phones are usually packed with video games to distract their kids, games like Surgeon Simulator, where you get to perform surgery on people with crazy instruments. It is made to look kid friendly but the overall objective is gruesome. These games cause kids to become aggressive and violent. Bonds become rough and socializing will decrease.

Overall apps technology is corrupting society, especially apps. Less apps should be used due to the amount of violence and laziness occuring, like on the go order apps. Technology seems to be taking over our lives and there needs to be a limit of use, but in order for that to happen we must do something.

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