Friday, May 11, 2018

How Does Society Define Beauty

article by Annabelle Cote and Brianna Mooers
edited by Jack St. Laurent

Beauty- a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. By this definition, in order to be considered beautiful, you have to have a certain shape, color, or form, and you have to appeal to people. If someone doesn’t have a certain body type then you are an outsider and people will treat you different.

Many girls nowadays wear makeup, no matter if they are insecure or comfortable in their own skin. They do it for fun, they do it to feel more powerful, they do it to be beautiful, they do it to feel like they are enough. Just because a girl wears makeup, it does not mean she wants to look different or “better”. However, there are plenty of girls out there that would pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for better makeup that covers all of their imperfections, or even for cosmetic surgery to look like models in magazines.

Today’s society wants you to wear tons of makeup to look more “beautiful”, to cover up your insecurities. However, they then contradict themselves by saying women don’t need makeup to be considered “beautiful.” Society has such a strong hold on the way that females perceive they should act, look, feel, think, and present themselves. As we look at the pictures of the “perfect girls” on the cover of magazines, we want to look just like them. We want to find similar characteristics in ourselves and when we don’t find them we feel worse about who we are as people. But what everyone tends to forget, is that the people on the covers of these magazines that everyone wants to look like, are normal people. You could see them on the streets tomorrow and not even know it’s them. These models put on the articles of clothing and pose, photoshop does the rest.

You can become rich if your body is how society wants it. You can become a model, or you can become famous and get paid for looking the way society has told women they have to look. It isn’t easy, and most celebrities and models have surgery done and use photoshop. However, none of this is right. Women should not have to change themselves to gain some money. To get money, you should focus on your education and smarts. You should not have to look attractive to an employer so you can get a job.

High end makeup brands tend to boost up the cost of their products because they want to appeal more to the people who can actually afford it and make it a trend (the wealthy), rather than average people who cannot afford a $250 foundation every time they run out of their foundation.

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