Friday, May 11, 2018

Ability Grouping in School

article by Lauren Weko and Zoe Seward
edited by Elizabeth Marston

So? What is ability grouping? Ability grouping should involve the student's needs, and what is needed for the student to pass. This way of teaching keeps students who learn in the same way or at the same pace together, so they don't feel left out or different from others in their class. This way of learning is directed toward elementary level students. When in a classroom that is not grouped by ability, students can go home to their parents and complain about feeling stupid or different, or be on the other side and say the work is really easy and it is really slow.

School comes easier to some people and those are the people who are able to not work as hard and still pass and get good grades, students like that would be grouped together with a teacher who moves faster due to her/his students understanding. But school is also harder to others in these cases these students would have more time to get things done and more help with work. The teacher would take more time making sure that the students understand every step of the way.

But this way of learning also has some disadvantages, when grouping like this, the students in the lower level may get anxious, of feel less smart due to being put in a certain group. But if student are in the higher level it may make the student feel really pressured to do everything perfect, which may make them feel overwhelmed.

But this way of learning does excel from other learning types because the higher level students are not forced to be slower than average, and the lower level students have more help in understanding and not getting irritated at their work.

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