Wednesday, April 11, 2018

NJROTC Annual Inspection

NJROTC Annual Inspection 
By Emma Sweeney
Edited by Rachael Bonia 
(School life)

     On Thursday, March 29, Massabesic NJROTC held their Annual Inspection. Normally, cadets wear unifroms once a week and go through "inspection" which is when Commander Donlon and Senior Cheif Jordan make sure your uniform is clean and that your naval knowledge is in check. However, every year there is a special event called, you  guessed it, annual inspection. Annual inspection is when every single cadet in the unit are formed into three platoons and inspected one at a time. The Inspection consisted of Drill, Color Guard, Inspection, Pass in Review Ceremony, and a Cadet Briefing. The national anthem was sung by cadets Rachael Bonia and Kayleen Turner. During the inspection, cadets were chosen for exemplary appearance. Approximately 20 cadets earned it. They all got a ribbon to display on their uniforms. The cadets have been working hard all year to be prepared. The first year cadets learned the first 5 general orders of the sentry, and the navy chain of command. Sophomores and above were required to know all general orders and chain of command. A guest judge had to come due to a snow day cancelling school on the original date, originally the Area 04 Manager Commander Jimmie Miller would have inspected us. This time, Commander Baranowski conducted the inspection. He was very impressed with our school and mentioned that he "Was honored to have been chosen to inspect." Overall, our school got rated outstanding. This is very good for our unit because it shines and reflects on our officers and CO. Cadets are crossing their fingers for the special unit ribbon. This was a great annual inspection, and everyone was satisfied. 

Second Platoon during inspection

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