Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Massabesic Goes to the Movies!

Massabesic Goes to the Movies!
By Rachael Bonia
Edited by Emma Sweeney
(School Life)

     Thursday night, March 29, many eager people filed into the auditorium in anticipation to see Mrs. Chamoff’s very last talent show, Massabesic Goes to the Movies! Mrs. Chamoff is a language arts teacher and Culture Club advisor, she has been working at Massabesic High School for 16 years. She has made quite a popular name for herself at MHS in that time, and one of things she is well known for is her spectacular talent shows. Every year she attempts to top herself, and every year she succeeds far beyond everyone's standards. 
     Right of the bat, we were greeted by the cutest father and son duo ever, heart-warming and talented. The father had an amazing voice and played guitar very well, his son sung right alongside him and wore a hulk outfit. Absolutely adorable. They sung from the Jungle Book and The Lion King; at the end the father had us chant “hulk smash” which then spurred his son to go all WWF on a giant stuffed animal. That father has a lot to be proud of, the son came onto that stage with confidence and determination. The second act was performed by a very experienced dancer, she tapped along to the song Woogie Bugle Boy. This performance definitely left smiles on everyone's faces.
The Generation
     I think that we all have to admit that her 2018 talent show was by far the best. Not only were we greeted with some MHS fine talent, but it was also a tad bit emotional for her and the audience. The third act of the night was a special performance by the queen herself, Norrie Chamoff, singing Cups with some slight alterations. We can all agree she slayed the song with spirit, classiness, jazz, and humor, all while pulling at the audience’s heartstrings. Mrs. Chamoff remained the only performer to receive an immediate and loud standing ovation, which was definitely deserved. Once the crowd finished clapping and sat down, she was greeted with a special bouquet of flowers from student, followed by a few words about how much everyone will miss her and remember her, and all the things she has taught us. No doubt there was tears in the audience.
     The last two acts of the first half included two girls singing Safe and Sound from the Hunger Games and a really cool band of seven, which sang some really cool rock songs. In intermission there was snacks and a 50/50 raffle. After intermission we had a wide variety of talents which included martials arts, bass guitar, ballet, singing, and electric guitar. Every performance was absolutely amazing, and well chosen. Talent shows are a great way to get in the spotlight and really show people who you are. 
Grand Finale
     The finale, what we had all been waiting for! It was an inspirational performance. Mrs. Chamoff and some students sung Imagine from Mr. Holland’s Opus, and then halfway through culture club members came out with signs, held them up and surprised the whole audience when it said HUMAN. On the back of the signs were something each person enjoyed, or was labeled as. It was truly an eye-opening performance showing us that everyone is human, and we should try and get along for the short time that we are here on Earth.  Mrs. Chamoff, you have been so amazing to all of us and inspired us more than you know, your sassy and happy attitude always lightens up the room. You have made your mark at MHS for sure, and Massabesic is definitely going to miss you when you’re gone.

Beloved Chamoff <3

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