Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Man Shot in His Backyard

Man Shot in His Backyard
Written by Gigi C-S and Xander Morley 
Edited by Xander Morley

     On Sunday March 18, a man in Sacramento, California ,was shot in his grandmother's backyard by the police.
     Stephen Clark was in his driveway and police yelled at him to show his hands and he ran and jumped the fence into the backyard. Clark was holding his cell phone and police thought it was a gun. They began to open fire, he was shot 20 times. He had a past of being arrested before but his family says he’s changed and become a person people want to be around. His family doesn’t exactly believe what the police is telling them what happened. They were saying that he had a gun, then a crowbar, and just all around not giving a full answer nor evidence of this.
     Rest in Peace Stephen Clark



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