Monday, March 19, 2018

Why Drake’s Video for ‘God’s Plan’ is More Than Just a PR Stunt

article by Lilianna Cammett
edited by Anna Snyder

     Do you love music? Do you love giving back to those in need? Well, Drake shows us that he does too in his amazing new video. Not to long ago, Drake dropped one of his newest songs, ‘God’s Plan’, and it blew us all away. On February 16th, Drake treated us all with this heartwarming video, that for many brought tears to our eyes. The video that was directed by Karena Evans, followed our beloved rapper through Miami and showed him giving away the $999,631.90 budget for the video, given to him by his label, to those in need.

      He treated his fans with supermarket shopping sprees, wads of cash, or free luxury cars. Although some chosen charities, shelters, and support groups got the treat of comically large checks. Drake never stops smiling throughout this whole video. You feel your own heart warm when you see him beaming while his joyful fans hug him and thank him.

      Of course, as the huge celebrity Drake is, he is bound to have some haters. Peter Rosenberg took to this hating by saying, “Isn’t it a little bit cheap to use those emotions of, ‘Look at this person in need getting something good,’ and transfer those emotions onto yourself? I don’t know the last time I saw a four minute montage of ‘Look at all the nice things I do.” He later explained that he found the video ‘disingenuous’ as opposed to the actual donations. Even so this made Drake so angry that he called him personally, this was so he could vent his frustration towards him and his opinion.

      Despite all of the hate Drake's long career is bound to stir up, he never lets it get him down. His generosity shown in ‘God’s Plan’ is like no other. He is a role model and someone other artists should strive to be like.

Image result for drake's video for god's plan
‘A moment in Drake’s video ‘God’s Plan.’

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