Monday, March 19, 2018

Waterboro Ice Skating Rink

article by Natalie Winters
edited by Gabriella Aubut

     This was a great winter activity to do if you love the ice. The Waterboro Ice Skating Rink is open on weekdays from 7am to 10pm in the winter time. It’s a fantastic way to make new friends. Even if you don’t know anyone there, say “hi” to someone and be social. If you don’t have skates then don’t worry, they have a wall of skates inside the shack and you can go try them on and if you find a pair that fit, awesome! The best part is that they are free!

      If you’re wondering where it is, it’s by Lakeside Market by the intersection. Next winter, when they open up, go and have fun. If you don’t know how to skate, they have things you can hold on to help you. If you like hockey then bring a hockey stick and a puck and play with some people. It’s a good way to just have fun and explore new things. So, if you love the ice, go to the Waterboro Ice Skating Rink and glide right along next winter.

     Visit their Facebook page when you CLICK HERE!

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