Monday, March 19, 2018

That St. Patrick Guy

article by Kaylei Chabre
edited by Gabriella Aubut

     You have most likely heard of the holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. The day of luck, clovers, leprechauns, green, and good fortune, but how did all of this come about? Who is that St. Patrick guy? At the age of 16, Patrick, and many of his fathers slaves, were captured by Irish raiders, brought to Ireland, and sold as slaves themselves. Patrick was made to wok in the cold as a shepherd and he got very little to eat. After suffering from the hunger and cold for six years, he turned to his family’s religion for guidance, where he heard a voice, that he claims was God, directing him that it was time to leave Ireland. He finally had become a Christian. At the age of 22, he returned to Britain and, again, was held captive and suffered from starvation, but was once again reunited with his family. In a dream, Patrick was told to return to Ireland, he studied for years and finally felt as though he was ready to return. He traveled around to different parts of Ireland for 40 years, while doing this he spread Christian faith. He is now known as an important Irish figure and was even created into an Irish superhero. We celebrate this holiday on the 17th of March for the traditional death day of St. Patrick

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