Monday, March 19, 2018

MHS's Student Advisory Leadership Committee

article by Izabella Caruolo
edited by Zoe Seward

      Everyone knows how busy the teachers are every day during the school day and after school. They are always either teaching, at meetings, doing extra work with students, coaching, and/or hosting after school activities.

      Well, there are a group of students who have meetings about very similar topics as teachers do from time to time. These group of students were chosen at the beginning of the year. There were applications a few weeks into the new school year, students were to answer a few questions about the group and why they wanted to join. Then Mr. Ouellette (Guidance Department Head) had then hand picked the students from their applications. The group members are Paige Houk, Jason Guinard, Kaitlyn Shaw, Emily Stinston, Nicholas Roberge, Jakob Saucier, and Izabella Caruolo.

      What these students do is talk about what needs to be addressed in each grade: 9, 10, 11, & 12. They are working on Proficiency-Based Education and what they need to do in order to fully transition from a traditional model to a PBE system. The first big topic they talked about was to find a solution to the weighting of course scores​, class rank, and a conversion chart that allows all classes to be factored into the GPA. After they looked at how graduation will look different in a PBE system. We then gave student feedback regarding the scoring guide. Izabella, Paige, Emily, and Jason also assisted in serving on the interview committee for the assistant principal. Also, the entire group had a very in-depth conversation about the student-led Walk Out coming up on March 14th. This group will continue to give a student voice into academics and into managerial such as school dress code.

      These students meet twice a week during advisory. They work very hard to make sure their school is safe and something to look forward to for their fellow student body. Each member brings a unique, open mind to every meeting they have.