Monday, March 19, 2018

High School Relationships

article by Brady Cormier
edited by Lance Paradis

     To this day, teens around the world fall into the aspect of high school relationships. These relationships are greater than the friendships that most teens would make them out to be. Teens fall for the belief in young love and togetherness, while realistically sometimes it's all just a fantasy. Love is a word that is super meaningful, although some kids use it on a frequent basis. This word tends to be thrown around in a manner that may make someone feel great or even awful. Fair warning that this article may seem biased and to not feel offended to evidence given. As someone that has experienced the “love” factor of these relationships, I have a very strong and supported opinion on them.

      It can be very unfortunate to think or believe, although most high school relationships don’t end very well. The relationships that are meant to make someone happy, actually end up doing the opposite. People need to understand the fact that you can’t change a person or make them happy, these are things that someone has to do themselves.

      In a relationship there’s just so much drama and gossip involved that most people lose who they truly are. They can be very distracting and time wasting in the lives of many teens. Don’t get me wrong, some relationships do last and end up being really great. Yet, they can also be very stressful and keep you from doing the things that you love and/or strive for. The stress involved may cause great amounts of anxiety, which can even lead to major health problems later in life.

      Another thing is the fact that many of these teens aren’t even mature enough to make a commitment like most relationships should have. High school relationships can be very toxic and cause more problems for teens to worry about. Don’t worry there’s always the possibility of a couple staying together through high school’s obstacles and being known as high school sweethearts, although chances of that are minimal. High school can be rough and unforgiving and adding a commitment to a relationship on top of that could be very unhealthy for most. I personally believe that all teens just need to enjoy their high school years and not deal with the drama and guilt that comes through with most of these relationships. I mean we all don’t stay young forever, so might as well make the most of it.  
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