Monday, March 19, 2018

Fortnite's Effect on Massabesic

article by Ryan Castonguay
edited by Anna Snyder

      While conducting a survey of 15 kids, 14 knew, or even played the game that has been capturing the eyes of the world since early September. What is this game you ask? Fortnite. Fortnite is a 100 person battle royale game, sort of like the Hunger Games. But unlike the Hunger Games, you start in a party bus. Then you jump out and glide to you desired location hoping your enemies don't follow you. You acquire your arsenal of weapons, then go out on the hunt for enemies. Your goal is to eliminate enemies without being eliminated yourself. This goes on until you're the last man standing, or you've been eliminated. When you pull off a phat dub (win) you gain respect from your friends and go up on the leaderboards. The more dubs (wins), the better.

      While many kids and teens love the game, some teachers and parents have other feelings for it. Teachers have noticed that Fortnite has brought kids off topics in class through youtube videos and talking. Some students have even been putting off homework and projects at home. From a parent's point of view, kids just waste too much time on the game. When asking, “At what time is too much Fortnite?” A parent answered, “Kids play video games, it's what they do 1-2 hours a day is fine, as long as it doesn't distract them from school work, but when kids are getting above 5 hours, or even double digit hours, that is way too much.” Fortnite can be good, until a certain extent.

     On the flip side, players don't see the issue with the excess of gaming. When asking a player, “Do you think it’s bad playing hour after hour of Fortnite?” He said, “I think that as long as you get what you have to do done, then I don't see a problem with playing hours of Fortnite.” Others have described the game as a better bonding opportunity with friends during squad matches. So, the combined idea I am getting from both sides is Fortnite is a good game for kids and teens as long as they play in moderation and get work done.

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