Monday, March 19, 2018

End of Year Stress

article by Mallory Mulrath
edited by Zoe Seward

     As the end of the year approaches, students tend to get a bit stressed. With all of the tests and final grades coming up, it’s easy to become nervous. But, there are a few ways you can make the entire process easier.

     One way you can calm some of your nerves is by talking to your teachers and making sure you know where you're at with your grades and work. You can do this by staying after or requesting a tag for Advisory, some teachers also let you come in and chat before school starts. If you know that you have good grades, your stress will reduce. And if your grades aren't where you want them to be, you can work with your teacher and fix them.

     Another great tip is planning. You could plan the amount of time you are going to use to get work done and study. This could help a lot because then you have a set schedule on when you need to focus on school and when you can focus on yourself. Also, depending on the due date of an assignment, you may only have a short period of time to get the work done.

     The last tip is to take some time to relax. This helps by not worrying so much about the end of the year. It brings you a clearer mindset which then makes it easier to get back to school work

     Hopefully, with the tips I have given, the transition to the end of the year will be a little less stressful.

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