Monday, March 19, 2018

Do Lockdown's Really Work?

article by Elizabeth Marston
edited by Gabriella Aubut

     A controversial question, “Do lockdowns really work?” When you actually put thought into it, you start to wonder. Considering every child in a public school has performed at least one school lockdown, almost every person in America knows the drill, therefore knows where their targets are. Although traditional lockdowns require students to sit down and huddle in a corner while the teachers shut the blinds, lock the doors, and cover up the window on the door, does this really help?

      If a child from a public school is the one carrying out shooting the school, he or she already knows the drill. They obviously know where the kids are, and it doesn’t help that the rooms are surrounded by non-bullet proof windows. With all the kids in the classroom squeezed together in one tiny corner, it, in all reality, makes the job easier for the shooter, unfortunately. So, do lockdowns really save lives? As much as we shouldn’t have to worry about anyone shooting up schools, we do. It’s a fact that we, as students, teachers, and staff, have to worry about. The purpose of the lockdown puts the students and staff out of view of a potential shooter and creates an environment where all doors to classrooms are locked and with covered windows, so a potential shooter would not know where the students would be located, delaying any action and limiting targets.

      School should be a place where everyone feels safe, and while our school makes its best effort to keep us safe, if it came down to it, would their plans actually work? Chances are, in an actual emergency situation, it is difficult to say how safe the procedure would be.

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