Monday, March 19, 2018

Mario Kart is coming to the App Store

article by Emma Snyder and Isabella Hurlburt
edited by Anna Snyder


   Nintendo’s latest announcement was that Mario was moving to smartphones. An app, Mario Kart Tour, is set to be released in the next financial year, meaning anywhere between April 2018 and March 2019.

     No details about Mario Kart Tour have been made available other than its existence, but the Mario Kart franchise is one of Nintendo’s biggest. Yesterday the company announced that 14.86 million Switch consoles have been sold, along with about half as many copies of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — a straight port of a game that managed to sell a further eight million copies even on the Wii U.

      Nintendo is likely to have more mobile titles in the works. The company originally planned to have released five smartphone games by 2017, but only Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and the ill-fated Miitomo social app have made it out so far. Last year The Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo was working on a Legend of Zelda mobile title.

     Based on the last Super Mario app that was released with a price of $9.99, it is suspected that the new app will charge a fee also. On February 1st 2018 Nintendo tweeted the exciting announcement, “The checkered flag has been raised and the finish line is near. A new mobile application is now in development: Mario Kart Tour! Releasing in the fiscal year ending in March 2019.#MarioKartTour.

     The app will include the favorite characters, Mario, Luigi, Link, and Princess Peach. This has made many fans very excited and eager for the new app. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new app next March!

Waterboro Ice Skating Rink

article by Natalie Winters
edited by Gabriella Aubut

     This was a great winter activity to do if you love the ice. The Waterboro Ice Skating Rink is open on weekdays from 7am to 10pm in the winter time. It’s a fantastic way to make new friends. Even if you don’t know anyone there, say “hi” to someone and be social. If you don’t have skates then don’t worry, they have a wall of skates inside the shack and you can go try them on and if you find a pair that fit, awesome! The best part is that they are free!

      If you’re wondering where it is, it’s by Lakeside Market by the intersection. Next winter, when they open up, go and have fun. If you don’t know how to skate, they have things you can hold on to help you. If you like hockey then bring a hockey stick and a puck and play with some people. It’s a good way to just have fun and explore new things. So, if you love the ice, go to the Waterboro Ice Skating Rink and glide right along next winter.

     Visit their Facebook page when you CLICK HERE!

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Spring Was Here?

article by Erin Partridge
edited by Zoe Seward

     Was spring here? We had two weeks with 50 degree weather. Some are hoping spring has finally arrived, while others are a little bit more skeptical. All the snow that had melted is now back. Now that there’s been 2 snow days it seems that winter is back and in full swing. The cold weather is seeming to stick, and we could have another storm coming this week!
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When will this weather finally end? Hopefully soon so spring sports can begin!

School Shootings

article by Annebelle Cote-Gendreau and Brianna Mooers
edited by Zoe Seward

     Many people think that schools are very safe, but is this true? On the 14th of February 2018, in Parkland, Florida, there was a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. This shooting alone costed in 17 lives lost, with ages ranging from 14 to 49. This was the 18th school shooting this year alone. This needs to end. Many teens are scared to go to school, they fear that their school will be next.

     “Have you ever been scared to go to school? If so when?” we asked one student. This was her response: “Most of them were about recent shootings, especially the one in Florida. I saw on the news that a 20-year-old man walked into a gun shop and he was able to buy an AK47 and an AR15 in a matter of five minutes, all the while his license was suspended, which scares me a lot to know that someone crazy enough to do this sort of thing could do it so easily and quickly.”

      On March 14, 2018, many schools are doing the school walkout to enforce gun laws. Massabesic High School was planning on taking part in said walkout, but due to a large snow storm our school was unable to participate, instead doing theirs on Friday, March 16th.
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      Many people were affected by the shooting that happened in Parkland, Florida, such as, families, friends, the district as a whole, and people in completely different states began to fear going to school in the morning.

     As stated before, many people believe that schools are very safe and protected. However, if this is true, why have there been so many school shootings so far this year? We are only about ten weeks into 2018, and we already have tons of lives that have been lost. We need to put a stop to all this violence. We need to show the government that there is something wrong and that something needs to be changed. Peaceful protests are a great start, but could those be the next things that get violent?

End of Year Stress

article by Mallory Mulrath
edited by Zoe Seward

     As the end of the year approaches, students tend to get a bit stressed. With all of the tests and final grades coming up, it’s easy to become nervous. But, there are a few ways you can make the entire process easier.

     One way you can calm some of your nerves is by talking to your teachers and making sure you know where you're at with your grades and work. You can do this by staying after or requesting a tag for Advisory, some teachers also let you come in and chat before school starts. If you know that you have good grades, your stress will reduce. And if your grades aren't where you want them to be, you can work with your teacher and fix them.

     Another great tip is planning. You could plan the amount of time you are going to use to get work done and study. This could help a lot because then you have a set schedule on when you need to focus on school and when you can focus on yourself. Also, depending on the due date of an assignment, you may only have a short period of time to get the work done.

     The last tip is to take some time to relax. This helps by not worrying so much about the end of the year. It brings you a clearer mindset which then makes it easier to get back to school work

     Hopefully, with the tips I have given, the transition to the end of the year will be a little less stressful.

The 2018 Red Sox

article by Jack St. Laurent
edited by Lance Paradis

    Everybody has some very high expectations for this young team. They are full of potential and talent. With the addition of slugger J.D. Martinez, they hope to be a contender for years to come.    Martinez batted .303 last year with 45 home runs (3rd best in the league). He adds another dimension to this offense, which came in last place in home runs hit last year. The Red Sox look to compete in every aspect of the game this year, hoping to make a run in the playoffs.
     The pitching rotation of this talented Red Sox team is what got them where they went last year. They have potential Cy Young winner Chris Sale and 2016 AL Cy Young winner Rick Porcello. They also have experienced and consistent starters in David Price and Drew Pomeranz. Also, they have a star studded bullpen with Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly. These pitchers can take them a long way and the offense will come along throughout the season.

High School Relationships

article by Brady Cormier
edited by Lance Paradis

     To this day, teens around the world fall into the aspect of high school relationships. These relationships are greater than the friendships that most teens would make them out to be. Teens fall for the belief in young love and togetherness, while realistically sometimes it's all just a fantasy. Love is a word that is super meaningful, although some kids use it on a frequent basis. This word tends to be thrown around in a manner that may make someone feel great or even awful. Fair warning that this article may seem biased and to not feel offended to evidence given. As someone that has experienced the “love” factor of these relationships, I have a very strong and supported opinion on them.

      It can be very unfortunate to think or believe, although most high school relationships don’t end very well. The relationships that are meant to make someone happy, actually end up doing the opposite. People need to understand the fact that you can’t change a person or make them happy, these are things that someone has to do themselves.

      In a relationship there’s just so much drama and gossip involved that most people lose who they truly are. They can be very distracting and time wasting in the lives of many teens. Don’t get me wrong, some relationships do last and end up being really great. Yet, they can also be very stressful and keep you from doing the things that you love and/or strive for. The stress involved may cause great amounts of anxiety, which can even lead to major health problems later in life.

      Another thing is the fact that many of these teens aren’t even mature enough to make a commitment like most relationships should have. High school relationships can be very toxic and cause more problems for teens to worry about. Don’t worry there’s always the possibility of a couple staying together through high school’s obstacles and being known as high school sweethearts, although chances of that are minimal. High school can be rough and unforgiving and adding a commitment to a relationship on top of that could be very unhealthy for most. I personally believe that all teens just need to enjoy their high school years and not deal with the drama and guilt that comes through with most of these relationships. I mean we all don’t stay young forever, so might as well make the most of it.  
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St. Patrick's Day

article by Daisy Downs and Hailey Kamenides
edited by Lance Paradis

     This holiday on March 17 is a cultural and religious celebration. It celebrates the traditional death of Saint Patrick who was the foremost patron of Ireland. Saint Patrick ministered Christianity in Ireland during the 5th century. He was said to have died on March 17 in or around the year 493 BC.
     This Irish culture is celebrated with parades, special foods, music, and dancing. Two major traditions for this day are green and shamrocks, the shamrock was chosen to be Ireland’s national emblem because of the legend that St. Patrick, the Trinity is the idea that God is really three in one: The father, The son, and The Holy Spirit. This has served as a religious holiday for over 5,000 years. Surprisingly, Saint Patrick was not even Irish!

     This celebration with parades was originally started in America. The first record of a St. Patrick’s day parade was recorded in New York in 1762. Today it’s the largest and longest parade and close to 200,000 participants, and nearly 3,000,000 spectators. In conclusion there are many facts about each holiday that is celebrated, although you may not think of how other people see the holiday and celebrate it. Most people who aren’t Irish still wear green on this day and there is a tradition to pinch anyone who doesn’t wear green on St. Patrick’s day.

Florida's School Shooting

article by Noelle Desvergnes and Makenna Roy
edited by Anna Snyder

     On February 14th, 2018, a gunman came unexpectedly to Douglas High School. A mass shooting occurred. The shooter was a 19 year old, killing 17 high school students and staff, heartbreaking to so many around the area and across the country. Students have since been campaigning for gun control legislation.

     Providing grief counseling, students have managed to step up and make a stand to show that these students shouldn’t have to go to school known as a safe place for them and end up running for their lives from a shooter. Students have started “The Nationwide School Walkout,” this occurred at 10 a.m a month later for the remembrance of these student.

     On March 14th, 2018, students nationwide are planning a walkout. This is for the 17 students and staff that died in the high school shooting in Florida. This will be a protest for gun laws. Some people will be protesting for more strict gun laws. This walkout wants to protest 3 laws: to ban assault weapons, required background check before purchasing a gun, and a gun violence restraint law stating that people who show violence will be disarmed. President Trump has brought up an idea of having teachers carry guns during the school day. This could be an opportunity to save lives, however some people believe teachers should just teach.

     In the end, our nation needs a change, how many more school shootings, or shootings in general, are going to happen before we can stop this? We are 17 lives too late.
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‘Student from the tragic incident speaks out for justice.’

MHS's Student Advisory Leadership Committee

article by Izabella Caruolo
edited by Zoe Seward

      Everyone knows how busy the teachers are every day during the school day and after school. They are always either teaching, at meetings, doing extra work with students, coaching, and/or hosting after school activities.

      Well, there are a group of students who have meetings about very similar topics as teachers do from time to time. These group of students were chosen at the beginning of the year. There were applications a few weeks into the new school year, students were to answer a few questions about the group and why they wanted to join. Then Mr. Ouellette (Guidance Department Head) had then hand picked the students from their applications. The group members are Paige Houk, Jason Guinard, Kaitlyn Shaw, Emily Stinston, Nicholas Roberge, Jakob Saucier, and Izabella Caruolo.

      What these students do is talk about what needs to be addressed in each grade: 9, 10, 11, & 12. They are working on Proficiency-Based Education and what they need to do in order to fully transition from a traditional model to a PBE system. The first big topic they talked about was to find a solution to the weighting of course scores​, class rank, and a conversion chart that allows all classes to be factored into the GPA. After they looked at how graduation will look different in a PBE system. We then gave student feedback regarding the scoring guide. Izabella, Paige, Emily, and Jason also assisted in serving on the interview committee for the assistant principal. Also, the entire group had a very in-depth conversation about the student-led Walk Out coming up on March 14th. This group will continue to give a student voice into academics and into managerial such as school dress code.

      These students meet twice a week during advisory. They work very hard to make sure their school is safe and something to look forward to for their fellow student body. Each member brings a unique, open mind to every meeting they have.

School Walkouts and Protests Across the U.S.

article by Lauren Weko and Riley Greenleaf
edited by Gabriella Aubut

   Ever since the Florida High School shooting this February, students in schools all over the U.S. have been staging walkouts to protest against gun violence. This began after a young man with an assault rifle killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and wounded many more. This young man had been bullied a lot throughout his life, and he did not have many friends at his school that cared about him. This is most likely the reason why he would want to do something like this to his former school. Students are walking out because they want to have a voice in their school, and to stand up against gun violence in schools and in the U.S.

On the day of March 14, 2018, students here at Massabesic High School, and students over at the middle school, were planning to walkout at approximately 10:00 in the morning. From then, those students will stay outside for exactly 17 minutes, in honor of the 17 innocent student’s lives that were lost due to the Florida high school shooting. They will then go back into the building and continue on with the school day. Many teachers and staff were in favor of the walkout because the students are against gun violence and are doing it for a good cause, but, on the other hand, some teachers feel that it should not be allowed and that some students will do it just to get out of class. The snow day on Wednesday, March 14th ended up derailing many student's plan to walk out.  

Here is what a few of the teachers/staff here at MHS have to say about the walkout:

Coach Hesler: ”I think that this is an important topic, and that it could be a good idea for kids to get their thoughts and voices out in a productive safe manner. The kids that are participating should know what they are protesting about. Some kids that walk out should know what they are doing and not just doing it to get out of class. Should be allowed. Kids should know what the consequences could be."

Mrs. Kendall: "I feel like it is a very positive idea and I hope everyone that does it does it for the right reason, not just to walk out.

Mr. Magaw (image above): "Students want to have a say and feel like they have control because they want to do something as remembrance of these kids whose lives were taken for no reason."

Principle Hand: "I am concerned that people are going to walk out, and if they know what they are standing for. I know that teachers will have problems with sides and staying neutral. The options for the upcoming day could be, following the school rules and not leaving the building, all people supporting goes to the gym, or find other ways to go about it.”

Ms. G: "I completely support it. These students are our future, and it is for a good cause."

Right now, the punishment for leaving the school without teacher's permission is 1-2 days of In School Assisted Study (ISAS). Some students probably will walkout just because their friends are doing it, or to get out of class, but the students who are walking out to support the cause are doing it for a good reason and there is no reason for punishment under this circumstance. So, if you planned to walk out on the 14th, or did so on the 16th, please consider the reason as to why you are walking out. You could even consider other options, like saying kind things to people at your school, sitting with somebody that doesn’t have anybody to sit with, or just being kind to somebody that might need a friend. 

For more information about school walkouts and protests about gun violence in the U.S., you can read on about the topic HERE.


Why Drake’s Video for ‘God’s Plan’ is More Than Just a PR Stunt

article by Lilianna Cammett
edited by Anna Snyder

     Do you love music? Do you love giving back to those in need? Well, Drake shows us that he does too in his amazing new video. Not to long ago, Drake dropped one of his newest songs, ‘God’s Plan’, and it blew us all away. On February 16th, Drake treated us all with this heartwarming video, that for many brought tears to our eyes. The video that was directed by Karena Evans, followed our beloved rapper through Miami and showed him giving away the $999,631.90 budget for the video, given to him by his label, to those in need.

      He treated his fans with supermarket shopping sprees, wads of cash, or free luxury cars. Although some chosen charities, shelters, and support groups got the treat of comically large checks. Drake never stops smiling throughout this whole video. You feel your own heart warm when you see him beaming while his joyful fans hug him and thank him.

      Of course, as the huge celebrity Drake is, he is bound to have some haters. Peter Rosenberg took to this hating by saying, “Isn’t it a little bit cheap to use those emotions of, ‘Look at this person in need getting something good,’ and transfer those emotions onto yourself? I don’t know the last time I saw a four minute montage of ‘Look at all the nice things I do.” He later explained that he found the video ‘disingenuous’ as opposed to the actual donations. Even so this made Drake so angry that he called him personally, this was so he could vent his frustration towards him and his opinion.

      Despite all of the hate Drake's long career is bound to stir up, he never lets it get him down. His generosity shown in ‘God’s Plan’ is like no other. He is a role model and someone other artists should strive to be like.

Image result for drake's video for god's plan
‘A moment in Drake’s video ‘God’s Plan.’

Fortnite's Effect on Massabesic

article by Ryan Castonguay
edited by Anna Snyder

      While conducting a survey of 15 kids, 14 knew, or even played the game that has been capturing the eyes of the world since early September. What is this game you ask? Fortnite. Fortnite is a 100 person battle royale game, sort of like the Hunger Games. But unlike the Hunger Games, you start in a party bus. Then you jump out and glide to you desired location hoping your enemies don't follow you. You acquire your arsenal of weapons, then go out on the hunt for enemies. Your goal is to eliminate enemies without being eliminated yourself. This goes on until you're the last man standing, or you've been eliminated. When you pull off a phat dub (win) you gain respect from your friends and go up on the leaderboards. The more dubs (wins), the better.

      While many kids and teens love the game, some teachers and parents have other feelings for it. Teachers have noticed that Fortnite has brought kids off topics in class through youtube videos and talking. Some students have even been putting off homework and projects at home. From a parent's point of view, kids just waste too much time on the game. When asking, “At what time is too much Fortnite?” A parent answered, “Kids play video games, it's what they do 1-2 hours a day is fine, as long as it doesn't distract them from school work, but when kids are getting above 5 hours, or even double digit hours, that is way too much.” Fortnite can be good, until a certain extent.

     On the flip side, players don't see the issue with the excess of gaming. When asking a player, “Do you think it’s bad playing hour after hour of Fortnite?” He said, “I think that as long as you get what you have to do done, then I don't see a problem with playing hours of Fortnite.” Others have described the game as a better bonding opportunity with friends during squad matches. So, the combined idea I am getting from both sides is Fortnite is a good game for kids and teens as long as they play in moderation and get work done.

That St. Patrick Guy

article by Kaylei Chabre
edited by Gabriella Aubut

     You have most likely heard of the holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. The day of luck, clovers, leprechauns, green, and good fortune, but how did all of this come about? Who is that St. Patrick guy? At the age of 16, Patrick, and many of his fathers slaves, were captured by Irish raiders, brought to Ireland, and sold as slaves themselves. Patrick was made to wok in the cold as a shepherd and he got very little to eat. After suffering from the hunger and cold for six years, he turned to his family’s religion for guidance, where he heard a voice, that he claims was God, directing him that it was time to leave Ireland. He finally had become a Christian. At the age of 22, he returned to Britain and, again, was held captive and suffered from starvation, but was once again reunited with his family. In a dream, Patrick was told to return to Ireland, he studied for years and finally felt as though he was ready to return. He traveled around to different parts of Ireland for 40 years, while doing this he spread Christian faith. He is now known as an important Irish figure and was even created into an Irish superhero. We celebrate this holiday on the 17th of March for the traditional death day of St. Patrick

For more information on St.Patrick, CLICK HERE!

Do Lockdown's Really Work?

article by Elizabeth Marston
edited by Gabriella Aubut

     A controversial question, “Do lockdowns really work?” When you actually put thought into it, you start to wonder. Considering every child in a public school has performed at least one school lockdown, almost every person in America knows the drill, therefore knows where their targets are. Although traditional lockdowns require students to sit down and huddle in a corner while the teachers shut the blinds, lock the doors, and cover up the window on the door, does this really help?

      If a child from a public school is the one carrying out shooting the school, he or she already knows the drill. They obviously know where the kids are, and it doesn’t help that the rooms are surrounded by non-bullet proof windows. With all the kids in the classroom squeezed together in one tiny corner, it, in all reality, makes the job easier for the shooter, unfortunately. So, do lockdowns really save lives? As much as we shouldn’t have to worry about anyone shooting up schools, we do. It’s a fact that we, as students, teachers, and staff, have to worry about. The purpose of the lockdown puts the students and staff out of view of a potential shooter and creates an environment where all doors to classrooms are locked and with covered windows, so a potential shooter would not know where the students would be located, delaying any action and limiting targets.

      School should be a place where everyone feels safe, and while our school makes its best effort to keep us safe, if it came down to it, would their plans actually work? Chances are, in an actual emergency situation, it is difficult to say how safe the procedure would be.

Easter and April Fools on the Same Day?

     April Fools as well as Easter falling on the same day? These two things falling on the same day is very unlikely and has only happened four times in our history: 1923,1934,1942 and, now, 2018.

      Studies have shown that Easter and April Fools day will fall on the same day again, but not until 2029. A lot of families, or, at least, the children, don't know the meaning of Easter. They think it’s about money and candy, but it’s not. Easter usually falls between March 22 and April 25. It’s always on the first Sunday after a full moon to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. Easter is a fun day to celebrate with family. What most families do is say that a bunny had hidden eggs throughout the night and the little kids have to go and find the eggs in the morning, which usually have candy or money in them. The date changes every year due to the full mood not being on the same day every year.

      April Fools Day is a day to play joke on family members and friends, tricking them into thinking things that may not be true and just having a joyful day for lots. Some people also think it as a traditional thing to do, but no more than half the population thinks it as a holiday to prank people on April 1st. Some adults still pull pranks, but students and teachers love to do it to each other, too, but the style of this game has drastically changed over the years from just telling your parents you think you may be pregnant, to pranks calls, to opening a door and a balloon falls on your head. As you can tell, this could be a emotional game, funny game, or happy game. CLICK HERE to watch a video of a group of students pulling a prank on their professor.

      These two holidays are fun when they’re separated, but who knows what disasters may strike when you combine the two.

article by Destiny Doucette and Andrew Lawpaugh
edited by Gabriella Aubut and Zoe Seward

Image result for Easter

     Lots of people are excited for this special Easter, Riley Greenleaf says, “I’m excited for this rare occasion on Easter, lots of tricks may come up!” Lots of tricks will definitely happen as finding eggs could have special tricks! This Easter will be fun as some eggs could be a trick instead of a prize of whatever is inside! Egg Hunts will be different this year due to April Fools, many people are planning Eggy tricks!

A calendar showing Easter on April Fools!

      Easter isn’t celebrated the most, but this year it’s gotten a lot of attention to it being on April Fools! After this Easter, we’ll have to wait 22 years before this would happen again, so enjoy it while it lasts! This Easter could also occur with snow still on the ground, there is a big possibility as last year’s April Fools Day had one foot of snow on that day. This Easter is special with April Fools Day mixed in, enjoy the holiday and watch out for tricks!

Academy Award Winner...Kobe Bryant??!?!!!?

article by Nicholas Hammond
edited by Lance Paradis

    This year, at the Academy Awards, many people were honored, including Gary Oldman, Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell, and Allison Janney to name a few. None of the choices were surprises, except Kobe Bryant; yes, Kobe Bryant the basketball star. He won the Oscar for best animated short film with, “Dear Basketball,” a film about Kobe and his relationship with basketball over the years. The film was created by Bryant, but was directed and animated by Glen Keane. The film talks about the way he got into basketball, rolling up his dad’s tube socks to use with his miniature hoop, and how he left basketball, retiring from the NBA because his body couldn’t take it anymore. Throughout the film, he expresses his love for the game, and ultimately, his thanks for all the game has given him. This short pencil-animated movie is a heartfelt tribute to the game of basketball, and one of its best players, Kobe Bryant. The film is linked here.

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