Monday, February 5, 2018

The Perks of Being in Culture Club

article by Destiny Doucette
edited by Daisy Downs

Would you like to join a club where you could travel the world with your friends and classmates? Well this might be the exact club you're looking for!

Culture club is a very big club spread world wide to many schools and different countries. This is a club where you raise money to go places like Florida, New York and even as far as Paris. Many ways to raise money to go to these beautiful places are selling stuff like Dunkin Donut cards or work at a concession stand at a game, or even run a car wash. Lots of people love this club because it's such a great experience for all. I asked some students what they thought about Culture Club and one of the students, Makenna Roy, said, “I think it's fun. We explore and discover new things. We learn things about people we’ve never knew before and I'm lucky to share the experience to be able to put into others shoes to see how they live day to day. It's fun!’’


Here is a picture of Makenna Roy and Lily Cammett having a great time in Boston. Eating food, taking pictures and nothing else on their mind but to have fun for all the hard work they put it to be a part of this group.

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