Monday, February 5, 2018


article by Ryan Castonguay
edited by Annabelle Cote-Gendreau

Skiing, in my opinion, the best sport in the world. It's a sport of intellect, speed, grace, and so much more. Skiing can bring people, groups, and even communities together. Even in our own community, many have been affected positively with new relationships with friends, and with new experiences, all because of skiing.

Over the past few weeks I’ve formed a new bond with 16 new people whom I never would have known existed if it wasn't for this fun-filled sport. All of them are very different, there's the popular seniors, the socially awkward freshmen, the smart, the strong, etc. but when we’re on the mountain, none of that matters. All that matters to them is having a good time, no matter what the circumstances. But it's not just me who has gained these experiences, many people in our community have these same experiences because of skiing.

When asking a fellow freshmen, “Has skiing brought you together with new people from your community?” She responded “Yes, many.” Following up on this, I asked,“If you hadn't been skiing with them, do you think you would've became friends with them?” She answered, “Sadly, no, in school, they weren't really the kind of people I would willing hangout with, but when you share a common passion with someone, you grow a strong bond with them until before you know it, your best friends.” This is just one of many, many examples of skiing bringing people within the community together.

If you need more proof that skiing has a strong impact on our community, just ask around. Many of Massabesic High School’s population are skiers, or have tried it before. I'm sure that skiing has impacted all of them in some way. Skiing can change a community.

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