Friday, February 16, 2018

Shark Tank Explosion

Shark Tank Explosion
By Emma Sweeney
Edited by Rachael Bonia

      On December 19, a shark tank in the Shanghai Mall burst. Pieces of glass 25 centimeters thick injured 15 people, 8 of them being shoppers. Even though the aquarium was only two years old, BBC says the explosion was caused by a combination of low temperatures and weak materials that caused the 33 ton tank to explode. The lives of three lemon sharks were lost during the flood. Many turtles and other small fish were also killed. Although they plan on fixing the popular tourist attraction, they will not be putting in a new aquarium.
Broken glass from the tank 

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  1. Fascinating that they would use poor weak material. you would think that the glass would be hard to break if it is that thick.