Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pep Rallies at MHS

Pep Rallies at MHS
Written by Camryn Champlin
And edited Luc Beaulieu

     In a recent interview, MHS senior Nick Amabile shared his thoughts about the awesome pep rallies here at MHS.

     “Why does our school hold pep rallies?”

     “I think our school holds pep rallies because it really pumps our sports teams up before games and overall makes school a happier place.”

     “Do you think you are more involved your senior year or your freshman year?”

      “I honestly think that I have been attending more rallies and school functions because of my main sport, basketball. With the amount of time required to attend school, it gives me more opportunities to be involved. Although, I feel that if you participate your freshman year it is more likely that you will keep participating in your later years.”

     “Which pep rally is your favorite?”

     “My favorite pep rally, and most of others, is the last pep rally of the year because everyone is already hyped up about it being the end of school.”

      “Is the pep rally during homecoming week any different than the others?”

     “The homecoming pep rally is one of the best. It is a great way to end the week and it really brings our school together before the homecoming dance.”

     Pep rallies are located in the MHS gym, in the morning or afternoon. Students are separated by class. The upperclassmen usually run all the games and activities and most of the time seniors win. One of the most popular games is tug of war.

     Ryan Townsend and Madi Drain held the latest pep rally. This one consisted of announcements of homecoming king and queen for each grade. Another highlight was when the football players and Cheerleaders performed a dance to the song “Me Too,” by Meghan Trainor. There was also a dance off between the classes, in which the juniors won. The winning dancers were Zoey DeAngelis and Sydney Sawtelle. According to teacher and coach Michelle Martin-Moore, “This was one of best pep rallies we've had in a long time.” Also some of the varsity players on the field hockey team did a dance routine with the mascot, Manny, for the school.

     The pep rallies here at MHS are very exciting and a great way to get involved with your school. You can meet new friends, try something new, and rise out of your comfort zone. Our next pep rally is going to be held in the Massabesic Gym on March 2nd. Come out with your school spirit and you’ll be guaranteed a good time!

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