Monday, February 5, 2018

Girls Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball

article by Hailey Kamenides and Noelle Desvergnes
edited by Daisy Downs

This year's 2017-2018 girls basketball has started off a little different than the previous year. This year we have a new coach than last year, Chris Aube. Aube is the Varsity coach and Andrew Gray is the Junior Varsity coach, and he also helps out the varsity coach. It isn’t our first time participating in basketball, and it’s not the coaches first time coaching basketball. Although, it is their first time coaching the Massabesic Mustangs. We were all looking forward to the change, especially as a lot of freshman were coming up to play high school basketball.

So far these coaches have given us an opportunity to get ready for the season. They have set us a summer program to get us back into the swing of things and give us a heads up for what he’s expecting from us. The summer program was fun for everyone and it gave us a good heads up for what we needed to be ready for in the regular season. We had games every week at Wells High School, and we agreed that the games and program was fun and taught us a lot.

Come November 20th and 21st there were all boys and girls tryouts. Both coaches were there for the little time we had to show them what we were capable of doing in tryouts. After the tryouts the players, parents, and coaches met so coach could inform us about the season and give us paperwork as needed. Coach Aube had given us a ‘Player Handbook’ with his team and school expectations. November 22nd was varsity’s first practice bright and early. Junior varsity’s first practice was on November 27th. Our first game came right up on December 8th, and both teams worked hard up to that date so we could have an impressive performance against Gorham on our first game.

It’s now February 1st and our last game is coming right up. We have had team dinners and some involved bus rides home which was good team bonding. The season has been fun for all of us and it flew by. We are all sad but happy for Madi Drain as it’s her senior year and this was her last season playing basketball for Massabesic. We also hope the Junior varsity and varsity teams can win their last game, to end the season well.

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