Monday, February 5, 2018

An Interview with a Bus Mechanic

article by Lauren Weko
edited by Annabelle Cote-Gendreau

An interview with Eric Blais about being a bus mechanic.

"I am a school bus mechanic. I would consider myself an auto diesel technician. I work eleven hours a day. I start the Portland bus fleet. I make sure the buses are up and running. I maintain and take care of any mechanical issues and maintain the Portland and South Portland school buses. I wake up at 4 am to be at work at 5 and I leave at 4 pm to be home at 5 pm. My job is important because I am maintaining all the Portland and South Portland buses and make sure the buses are able to go on the road and be safe for the students. Yes it is a big privilege having buses for transportation to school. I feel appreciated because whenever the students can go to school safely is a good day for me. Yes I do love my job. I love my job just like I love my family, I want to keep this job for life, I mean it is what I went to college for." Questions answered by Eric Blais.

People around the world are going underappreciated because their jobs are behind the scenes. Kids from grades kindergarten all the way to sometimes senior year take a bus to and from school, they also take buses for field trips and other school events. Some students in school do things to look cool or to have "friends" but what they don't understand is that hole you just made in the seat, or those chips you just spilled on the floor. Those things do not get cleaned up or patched up by a magical fairy, someone goes to work and fixes or cleans those things. A bus driver is similar to a bus mechanic, they both do very important jobs for a school but are different because you see the driver driving the bus but you don't see the buses in shop getting oil changes and getting fixed up so there are no accidents or failures on the way to school.

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