Friday, January 12, 2018

NJROTC Drill Banquet

NJROTC Drill Banquet
By Emma Sweeney and Gigi Cardona
Edited by Xander Morley
     On Friday, January 19, Massabesic Drill Team will be hosting their annual Drill Banquet. All of the members of the team will go to the cafeteria and gather for an awards ceremony, and a fun night with friends. There will be a spaghetti dinner, and also a potluck. Awards will be given out for: Most Valuable Player NS1, Most Valuable Player NS2 and above, Shiniest shoes, Most improved NS1, and most likely to trip while marching. The team was all sent a ballot where they could cast their votes for who they think should receive the awards. It will be a semi formal event, and the cadets are all looking forward to the fun night. 
Drill team at their meet in Quabbin High School, Massachusetts 

     This year was the last season for some of our team, but also a beginning for others. The cadets had a great drill season, placing 5th overall, even after having to miss the last meet due to weather. They are all proud of their season, and are looking forward to another great season next year!

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