Friday, January 12, 2018

New Years Around the World

New Years Around the World
By: Kaylei Chabre
Edited by: Cassidy Morrell
     New years is a time for celebration to forget the past and focus on the future. When you think of new years, what comes to mind? Resolutions, champaign, poppers, confetti, fireworks, noise makers, food, and of course, the world-wide, famous BALL DROP! People hold celebrations and parties all around the world but the most popular celebration is the Ball Drop in Time Square. More than 1 million people attend Times Square and millions of others view from T.V. People gather around the building, One Times Square, where the ball is located and descends 141 feet at the start of 60 seconds. Once the ball reaches the bottom and the timer reaches 0, it’s a Happy New Year! 
     In Scotland, people celebrate with bonfires, and men from the villages walk the streets with giant balls of fire swinging around their heads. The people believe that these balls of fire symbolize the sun and clean the coming year.
     New Year’s in Panama, consists of people who also celebrate with bonfires, to burn a representation of popular people like celebrities. The new year is represented by these burning figures, and a fresh start is soon brought upon. 
     In Denmark people find the highest surface they can, they and jump! This leap of faith is representing jumping into January. They Believe they will leave behind bad spirits and bad luck and enter the new year with new beginnings.
     Finnish citizens try to figure out the shape of a figure created by submerging molten tin into cold water. Whatever the shape the figure creates, is what is going to be in the new year.
     People in Spain, when the clock hits midnight, they represent the twelve months of the year by eating 12 grapes. But there’s a catch, if you eat all twelve grapes within twelve seconds of the new year, then your year will be filled with good luck!
     In the philippines, twelve circular fruits are displayed and eaten to symbolize a successful new year. Also the people wear clothing with circles on them to represent coins, to ensure a wealthy new year.
     Japan people eat long noodles, while trying not to break them. Which represents longevity, long life. Also people in Japan dress up as the zodiac animal for the arriving year. The they will travel to a temple and ring a bell for the new year.
     People in Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, people wear colorful underwear. Mainly the colors red and yellow. People believe wearing yellow will bring you money and wearing red will bring you love.
     All over the world people celebrate New Year’s differently, due to their religion and/or beliefs. You could even try some of these on your own!

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