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Cham OUT

      This year has been a dream with this class. I will always  remember Block 2 Green (that turned into White) for their professionalism and willingness to learn what it takes to publish a high quality publication while slaving away on all of the rest of the targets required of freshmen students. Special shout out to Rachael Bonia who taught an old dog many new tricks. I will miss you all terribly and await news of the greatness yet to come from the best block 2 class ever.                
          Cham out (mic drop!)

Kenya's Killings

Kenya’s Killings
Article by Cassidy Morrell
Edited by Angelli Bishop

     One of Kenya’s Dams burst onto a flower farm Thursday, May 10th, after weeks and weeks of torrential downpour. The heavy rains created a sea of water, which swiftly flowed down their hillside, killing 47. However, the local police chief said they have not pulled all the missing bodies out of the mud, potentially making the death number rise.
     Additionally, Kenya is known as one of the largest cut-flower suppliers to Europe, and their roses grow on a whopping 3,500 acres of farmland, that are often shipped to the Netherlands and Germany. But Kenya’s flower businesses are quickly swept to an end, after the aggressive flood carved out a deep pit that took out the power lines, homes, buildings and even schools. If it wasn’t for the rescue workers, the survivors plucked from the damp rubble would not be alive. 
A woman carries her child as she walks near houses destroyed by flooding water after a dam burst, in Solio town near Nakuru, Kenya. Photograph: Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

     Moreover, the country of East Africa experienced a severe drought last year, which is why the excessive amount of rain over the last two months needed to make up for their lack of water. 
     Not only homes, but roads and bridges have crumbled into the mud rivers as well. Veronica Wanjiku (67) of Solai said, “It was a sea of water. My neighbor was killed when the water smashed through the wall of his house. He was blind so he could not run. They found his body in the morning, My other neighbours also died. All our houses have been ruined.”
     Even before the dam burst, the hard rain caused chaos in Kenya, killing 132 people and leaving 222,000 homeless. The United Nations disaster emergency agency said the flooding is soon to grow worse over the next few weeks.
Heavy rains have been witnessed in several parts of Northern Kenya in the last few days. A truck is stuck sideways in the mud as a group of people attempt to pry it out.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hawaii’s Current Volcanic Disaster

Hawaii’s Current Volcanic Disaster
By Katelyn Dearborn
Edited By Camryn Champlin

     On Thursday, May 3, at around 5:30 p.m. local time, Hawaii’s volcano, Kilauea, dramatically erupted, only a few hours after one of Hawaii’s strongest earthquakes in more than a decade had struck the Big Island. Its jets of lava can be seen spraying over 150 feet (45 meters) up in the air, as well as steam-driven explosions that have sent “ballistic projectiles” like ash clouds and rocks into the sky. The eruption has spewed lava through into over tens of thousands of square feet of what used to be lush forests, bustling towns, and residents’ homes all across the southeast side of the island Hawaii, prompting many mandatory evacuations. The volcano has also opened up many other dangers, such as fissures (picture to the right) and more noticeable earthquakes, across other parts of the island. Nearly dozens of people were left stranded in the areas cut off by lava, Hawaii authorities announced last Sunday. Hawaii Civil Defense Service officials said that they went through the neighborhood to warn residents of their last chance to evacuate before the lava steamrolled through the neighborhood.
     Hawaii officials say some people choose to stay in the area, which now has no power, cell reception, landlines or county water, mostly because these people have nowhere else to go. At least 87 homes have been destroyed by the Kilauea volcano eruption in the four weeks since lava first began flowing, making this eruption one of the longest in history. It’s estimated that the lava has covered an area of 5.5 square miles -- four times as big as New York's Central Park -- according to USGS (United States Geological Survey). No one is too sure when this disaster will end, or even slow down for that matter, but Hawaii is and has been preparing for the worst.
     The USGS warns that, “this eruption is still evolving and additional outbreaks of lava are possible” and that, “at any time, activity may again become more explosive, increasing the intensity of ash production and producing ballistic projectiles very near the vent”. Only time will tell whether this disaster will ever calm down in time before the whole island of Hawaii is swallowed up.

Safety Is Relative

Safety Is Relative 
Written by: Adelaide Brandt 
Edited by: Bailey Baldwin 

      Every day, the so called dangers of the world are thrown into our faces through the constant stream of news leaking into our lives. Citizens of the United States hear constant news about the terrible things occuring in other places, and the dangers of leaving our “safe country”. However, in actuality, how safe are the United States of America? We as a nation have become so xenophobic, and our political leaders do no part in curing this xenophobia as many encourage the ideas that this is the only safe place in order to remain in power. So what really lies outside the confines of our borders? Terrorists, people that hate the US, pickpockets and thieves, expenses? As far fetched as it may seem, this isn’t the case. 
     First off, the world is not as scary a place as the news makes it out to be. Generally people are quite welcoming, and most do not discriminate against you for being an American, so long as you are respectful of them and their culture. Unfortunately, the media makes it seem as though you’ll be killed if you go to another country, with the exception of a few. The extensive number of travel advisories for all other countries are bound to be off putting. However, in many of the countries we have travel advisories for, you are less likely to be killed than in America.
     In our society today, one is more likely to be shot in school in America than in another country. Countries such as Britain, France, Egypt, Mexico, and many others have put out advisories for their tourists warning them of the gun violence in America. Tourists from Muslim and African countries have even more warnings, as much of the violence in the United States is against their religion and race. 
     It is an interesting dynamic that is held by many American people. In a recent poll by the New York Post, as many as 85% of the people questioned would love to leave the country, yet always come up with excuses as to why they cannot. Another 60% stated that they have a list of places that they would love to go, but won’t. Perhaps one of the largest flaws of American Society is that we look online at pictures of amazing places, and sigh about the fact that we are not there. However, when it comes down to actually traveling, Americans will not actually get on a plane and leave the country.
     In order to become better as a society on a whole, citizens of America must become more worldly and involved in events outside of our own country. 

2018 Retirees

2018 Massabesic Retirees
Author(s): Allison Gerry, Ryan Topham
Editor: Camryn Champlin & Rachael Bonia
(School Life)

Madam Littlefield-Baas

Madam Littlefield-Baas is a french teacher. She has been teaching french for 28 years. 10 of those were at Islesboro Central School, and 18 at Massabesic. She has touched the lives of many students and could never be replaced.

Q: Why did you decide to teach? 

A: “I love kids. I love French. I have never had any of my own children but I do say that I HAVE MANY!!! I want to make the world a better place. Students keep me young!! I wanted more time for me with summers off but that was not the case in teaching as it is all-consuming. I was always thinking of ways to better my teaching or seeing something that I could use in my classroom - YEAR ROUND!!!”

Q: What are your favorite thing(s) about teaching? 

A: “Students. Sharing my love for French and the culture around the world. Helping make a difference one student at a time. I hope that I teach more than French and that I set an example every single day on how to be a good person.”

Q: What are some hobbies of yours outside of teaching? 

A: “Reading. My husband and I are in two book groups. Church - is really not a hobby but we do many activities with fellow Christians. Organizing, cleaning, gardening and enjoying our home on the Suncook River in NH. Listening to bluegrass music and going to festivals.”

Q: What are your plans after you retire? 

A: “NOT driving 2 + hours to work and back every day!!!! Travel to France with my husband (as he has never been there). Seeing the US by car. Volunteering and helping others, the gym, walking and keeping myself cancer free.”

Q: What do you think you will be remembered as? 

A: “Madame L-B, that crazy French teacher that was always telling students what to do. Someone that cared for everyone, someone that worked really hard and was fair even when she was frustrated, not knowing enough about technology and always saying, ‘Put your phone away!’" 

Q: What would you like to be remembered as? 

A: “A fun and caring person that was doing the best she could with her God-given talents. I hope that students will think of me when they are ‘walking down the street in Paris or Québec’ and as someone who lived by this motto ‘SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, MEAN WHAT YOU SAY and DON'T BE MEAN WHEN YOU SAY IT.’"

Mrs. Marianne Tozier

Marianne Tozier is a guidance counselor for high school underclassmen. She has been a guidance counselor for 30 years. 26 were at Line, Shapleigh, and Lyman elementary schools, and 4 at Massabesic. As a guidance counselor, she has helped so many students and she will definitely be missed. 

Q: Why did you decide to start teaching?

A: “I've always loved helping people and hoped I could make a difference.”

Q: What's your favorite thing(s) about what you do?

A: “When I've been able to support students when they need it the most. I'm going to miss all the students I've worked with. Over the years I've been lucky enough to see some of them graduate that I've known since they were in kindergarten. They were on my caseload in elementary school and again in high school. That's been very special!”

Q: What are some hobbies of yours outside of teaching?

A: “I love spending time at the beach and visiting with my sons and good friends. I also belong to a book club.”

Q: What are your plans after you retire?

A: “I hope to do a lot of traveling. I have a special trip to Tuscany planned with my youngest son for September. I probably will also continue to volunteer in some capacity. I've done some work for the women's shelter in Portland and will probably continue to help out there or the Preble Street Resource Center.”

Q: What do you think you will be remembered as? 

A: “This is a difficult one. I only hope that the students I have worked with over the past thirty years have always felt supported and cared for. I've always tried to be a strong advocate for students to be able to be safe and accomplish all they can be.”

Q: What would you like to be remembered as? 

A: “I hope my legacy will be the students that go on to be happy and productive individuals.”

Mr. Jeffrey Lyons

Mr. Lyons has been a great English teacher for all of MHS, and the students here are going to remember him, for both what he taught them in life, and the person he was in their lives. In all of our opinions, all of the teachers and educational staff have a place in our heart, appearing as superheros, and that is no understatement for Mr. Lyons, who has been teaching for 32 years, all within the English department.

Q: How did you start to teach/Start your path on an educational career? What was your interest that made you want to go into teaching or an educational career?

A: “I come from a family of educators and book lovers. I majored in English because I love to read. I became an English teacher because I wanted to nurture enthusiasm for reading.”

Q: What would be some of your favorite things about your job?

A: “I enjoy seeing kids grow and gain understanding.”

Q: How long have you been teaching/administrator? What have you been working with during your time at MHS?

A: “I taught for 32 years, all of them at Massabesic High School, and all in the ELA department.”

Q: What do you enjoy outside of teaching? Do you have any plans after retiring?

A: “I enjoy reading, music playing and singing and listening, art, history, walking and hiking and bike riding, basketball playing and watching and coaching, and writing. I plan to do more of all of them.”

Q: What would you say you will be remembered as? What would you like to be remembered as?

A: “I hope to be remembered as a good teacher, a good colleague, and a good person.”

Q: Do you have any advice for any incoming people? 

A: “My advice to anyone would be from Miguel Ruiz, by way of our former colleague Marcia Pitcher: 

‘The Four Agreements

1. Be impeccable with your word.

2. Don’t take anything personally.

3. Don’t make assumptions.

4. Always do your best. ‘“

A big thank you goes to Mr. Lyons from all of his students, colleagues and peers from MHS. 

Mr. John Morin

Mr. Morin has been a great leader, coach, teacher, and principal over the last years he has been with us. When we think about teachers in general, the thing that comes to mind may not be the truth, and this is especially the truth with Mr. Morin, as he is so much more than just a teacher. 

Q: How did you start to teach/Start your path on an educational career? What was your interest that made you want to go into teaching or an educational career?

A: “I began as an Ed tech II in a 4-6 grade behavioral classroom, from there I became a Physical Education/Health/Wellness teacher, and then an Assistant Principal. My teachers and coaches were tremendous role models and mentors for me, and I felt the need to provide the same opportunity for others.”

Q: What would be some of your favorite things about your job?

A: “The interactions with colleagues and students, watching students evolve and mature from their freshman to senior year. Having former students and players tell you they get the lessons you were trying to instill in them and are using those those skills in their adult life.”

Q: How long have you been teaching/administrator? What have you been working with during your time at MHS(e.x., English, Math, Assistant Principal, Guidance, etc.)

A: “I was an ed tech for 1 year, a teacher for 19 years, and an assistant principal for 18 years. I have been at Massabesic for a total of 21 years, 3 part time and 18 full time. I also coached for 35 years, football, basketball, indoor and outdoor track, 16 of those were as the head football coach here at Massabesic.”

Q: What do you enjoy outside of teaching? Do you have any plans after retiring?

A: “I enjoy anything with the outdoors and all 4 seasons; fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, and growing vegetables in our garden. I'm also still a sports enthusiast. My wife and I have recently purchased a camper and plan to be hitting the road visiting places from here in Maine to Alaska. I have recently become active in the Southern Maine and New Hampshire Chapters of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I am also in the process of developing a consulting program to build leadership and character in today's youth. Though I'm retiring, I do not feel that my time of working with kids is over yet.”

Q: What do you think you will be remembered as? What would you like to be remembered as?

A: “My hope is to be remembered as consistent and fair, although fair isn't always consistent and consistent isn't always fair. But if you take the time to know who you're dealing with and treat them the way you want to be treated, you can't go wrong. Getting a thank you from a former student or player means more than any other type of recognition.”

Q: Do you have any advice for any incoming people?

A: “Be yourself, be a server, if you see something that needs to be done - do it - don't wait to be be asked, and at the end of the day be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy and content with the person looking back knowing you had a positive effect on someone or something."

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Summer Movies - The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Summer Movies - The Good the Bad and the Ugly 
By Jacob Beaulieu
Edited by Trevor Beals 

     It’s summer, Hollywood’s second favorite movie season! This year Hollywood has pumped out a boat load of movies some are quality, others are crap, and some your just going to need to decide for yourself. In this article we will be taking a look at the movies that started coming out april and will continue to keep coming out throughout the 3 summer months. I will be giving each movie a grade: Good, Bad, or Ugly and I will give a short explanation why it got this grade. So get ready to hear my reviews and speculations of the summer 2018 movies.
Avengers: Infinity War

      This was a great film with one major clause. That is that in order to fully enjoy this movie you need to see the 18 movies before it which even for a movie nerd like me can feel like a chore at times. I was lucky enough to have seen this film (and the 18 before it) and I really enjoyed it. This movie was able to balance about 70 characters in one film without it seeming rushed unlike films before it. It also had a compelling story and kept me engaged the whole time. My one criticism is that (minor spoiler warning!) This film can’t be enjoyed on its own due to it ending on a massive cliffhanger so it will never feel fully complete without its sequel that is coming in 

Solo: A Star Wars story 

      I really want to like this film but there are a few things that make it very hard for me to do that. Solo a Star Wars story is a Star Wars anthology film about a young version of the fan favorite character han solo. The film is fun and usually more lighthearted than the other modern Star Wars films, which I really liked. However the film was very conservative in the sense that it didn’t do anything different. With so many other Star Wars films, there is nothing priticualty special with this one. I didn’t mind the recasting of major star wars characters and actually really loved Donald Glover’s version of the character Lando. While this wasn’t a bad film, it did feel like we needed a young han story that explains every little detail about him in one small period.


     These next movies are all ones that I haven’t watched yet or just aren’t out. I will be judging these by the concept, trailer, and any other information we know about these movies.
Oceans 8

     This movie looks promising. It’s a heist film that follows the oceans 11 story. However there are a couple large changes that make this film interesting. First of all it will be more cut off from the regular ocean films and can be watched by anyone. Secondly the film has an all female cast and the film is going to be lighter and more comedic. This more fun take on an ocean film should make for a very solid movie.
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

     When I go to watch a new movie, I like to see something new and exiting because if you just see the same old things in every movie than you might as well only own one movie. This movie is the prime example of a movie that just recycles the same ideas and makes films with them because they know they will make money. When I saw the trailer for this film I knew that I had seen it before. This was because it just wasn’t original. 

     This movie is the first movie on this list to not be somehow connected to another popular movie as a sequel or prequel so kudos to you Tag! This movie looks super hilarious. It’s about a group of childhood friends who have a very intense tag game that involves traveling all over the world to avoid being tagged by someone. The best part about this film is that it is based on a true story which is just crazy to think about!

     This movie is very formulaic. The rock is stuck in a disaster an he needs to save the day by doing something that is physically impossible. This movie feels like it is being made just for money and no real effort was put into the story. I could be wrong but Skyscraper seems a bit to comom for me.
Ant-Man and the Wasp

     This movie has the potential to be good and might still be good but from the trailer footage that we are getting, nothing seems super special about this film. We have already seen a hero who can shrink down to a small size so doing it again makes it boring. However the heros in this film seem to be using their powers in very creative ways this time which is a plus. My hope for this film is that it goes out of the ordinary by introducing the more comic based elements of ant man or the wasp. Each of these heroes are both very interesting so I hope they are used well.

Comic Book Triumph

Comic Book Triumph
By Xander Morley 
Edited by: Giavanna Cardona-Simmons

     You may have heard about a little movie called Avengers: Infinity War. It’s popular and has been destroying all of records. This movie was the fastest movie to ever pass 1 Billion at the box office and it was in only 11 days! Superhero movies are the hot topic in hollywood right now, they have been since Iron Man came out in 2008 and they show no signs of slowing down. With dozens of movies being made about superheroes, Marvel and DC alike, it’s not a surprise that they’re winning at the box office. Since these movies started becoming hits, comic sales have increased too. In 2014, two years after the first Avengers movie, comic sales were up to 870 Million a year, 600 million dollars up from the year 2000! 
     These movies have made comic heroes a big deal, and to think that in the 90’s, Marvel was going broke (hence why we don’t see the X-Men with the Avengers, due to selling rights to make money). Disney bought Marvel in 2009 for 4.24 billion dollars. Disney then bought Star Wars and most recently, 21st Century Fox as a whole. Mickey Mouse and Co are the reason most of these movies are blowing up, due to its availability and likeness towards children, so just about anybody can watch these movies. If Infinity War has shown anything, it’s shown that nerds and geeks alike are getting the recognition of these heroes like they’ve been trying for almost a century. 
     Everyone is lined up to see these movies, money is being spent, these things are successful. It’s not gonna slow down for a long time and many people probably don’t mind that, especially Disney and Marvel, because they’re making money!

Memorial Day Parades

The Memorial Day Parades
Written by Luc Beaulieu and Emma Sweeney
Edited by Emily Baker 

      On May 28th the Massabesic NJROTC and Massabesic high school band participated in parades across the school district. Parades took place in Waterboro, Limerick, and Lyman, although, the concert band did not participate in the parade in Lyman. After the Limerick parade, one of Maine’s former senators, Angus King, was a guest speaker at the Memorial day ceremony. 
     The Massabesic high school concert band, led by director Adam Goad, marched in both the Waterboro parade and the Limerick parade. They played “My Country, Tis of Thee” arranged by Dallas C. Burke, “Armed Forces” arranged by M. Doiron and “You’re A Grand Old Flag” arranged by Paul Jennings. After the parades, several band members joined the NJROTC for a barbecue in Lyman before the NJROTC marched in the last parade.
     The NJROTC participated in the Memorial Day Parades in Waterboro, Limerick, and Lyman. They had all of the cadets participate in marching, and they also had a Color Guard. In the Color Guard, it was commanded by the unit’s Company Commander Ivalani Callahan. Carrying the Navy flag was the previous Company Commander Zoé Petit. The Guards were Maxwell Sweeney, and the Company’s Executive Officer Marcus Ratz. In the Limerick parade, two cadets, Rachael Bonia and Emma Sweeney were selected to do a flag folding ceremony in front of the Maine State Senator, Angus King. After the parades, the cadets all had a barbecue together.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Society's Influence on Self-Esteem

article by Gabriella Aubut
edited by Elizabeth Marston

screenshots taken from author's laptop

As you roll over in you bed, your eyes catch the sight of a new notification lighting up the room. You know that you have to get up early the next morning and get ready for school, but you can’t fight the urge that’s telling to pick up your phone. As you read your latest Instagram notification, it informs you about a very popular, new style of eye shadow. You click the home button, punch in your four digit code, and Instagram opens itself up. You view this new post, but can’t help thinking, “I wish I could look like that.” These thoughts run through the minds of most social media users who have seen a model or celebrity looking their best.

Social media has that sort of affect on its users. It helps spread around what society thinks is perfection. We constantly see celebrity photo shoot images, but they aren’t natural. Before those images are released, they undergo a process called photoshop, where they are edited and altered to make sure that they fit society’s mold of perfect. Large hips, flat stomach, and a thigh gap. Society also expects men to look their best. Skinny, but muscular, perfectly tan, and relatively tall.

Over the years, we have been expected to fulfill impossible standards. “Social media has been linked to higher levels of loneliness, envy, anxiety, depression, narcissism and decreased social skills,” ( Most people know that the stuff on social media is glamorized and made to look flawless in the people’s eyes. Social media has negative effects on self-esteem and relationships. “80% reported that is easier to be deceived by others through their sharing on social media,” ( Social media helps to hide the “imperfections” that occur in life behind a screen. It helps to create a masked persona of perfection for all of its users.

Society only wants perfection. The next time you post a photo or a comment on your social media, I want you to think about what you’re doing. Is it one side to your life? Are you only posting the good side of your life? What about the bad? Don’t use social media as a way of hiding behind a screen, use it as a way of empowering you and others. Encouraging them to be the best that they can be, not what society wants them to be. Don’t enforce society’s rule of beauty, enforce your own.


Silva, Clarissa. “Social Media's Impact On Self-Esteem.”, Oath, Inc., 22 Feb. 2017, esteem_us_58ade038e4b0d818c4f0a4e4.

This website is pretty much about the “paradox effect” that social media gives off and how it affects people's relationships, and in a way creates a barrier of communication. It talks about how real life has been put into the form of social media and people forget how to interact in real life. We used the statistics to get a better understanding of how it really affects people.

Coronado, Orfelinda. “Anxiety and Low Self-Esteem in Teens Linked toSocial Media.”, Access Health, 1 Sept. 2016,

This website informs us about how online communities may have a direct impact on its user’s mental health. It tells us how teens are exposed to easy forms of attack. We used this website to inform us about how social media uses anonymity to attack self-esteem. It informs us that, even though social media can be a really a really good form of connection, it is also is a very easy way to target self-esteem in anyone while hiding behind a screen.

Jacobson, Rae, and Child Mind Institute. “Social Media and Self-Esteem| Impact of Social Media on   Youth.”, Child Mind Institute, Inc., 2018,

This website pretty much sums up how social media affects teens self esteem and makes them feel bad about themselves because they feel as though their peers are doing much better and more successful in life than them. We used this mainly to get an idea of how much damage this actually does on at teenage brain.

Ehmke, Rachel, and Child Mind Institute. “How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers.”, Child Mind Institute, Inc., 2018,

This website targets technology and the way, not only teens, but kids use it and how their development is affected by it. It informs us about how social media is promoting anxiety and lowering self-esteem. We used this website to show how social media impacts the well-being of all of its users and everyone around it.

Kanouzi, Jack. “Self Esteem in the Hands of Society.”, Yale University.

This website tells us about how self-esteem can cause problems when it comes to building a strong, healthy relationships. It informs us about how these self-esteem issues can be the cause of serious diseases, such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. We used this as a source to show how society’s hands are the controller of self-esteem.

Ability Grouping in School

article by Lauren Weko and Zoe Seward
edited by Elizabeth Marston

So? What is ability grouping? Ability grouping should involve the student's needs, and what is needed for the student to pass. This way of teaching keeps students who learn in the same way or at the same pace together, so they don't feel left out or different from others in their class. This way of learning is directed toward elementary level students. When in a classroom that is not grouped by ability, students can go home to their parents and complain about feeling stupid or different, or be on the other side and say the work is really easy and it is really slow.

School comes easier to some people and those are the people who are able to not work as hard and still pass and get good grades, students like that would be grouped together with a teacher who moves faster due to her/his students understanding. But school is also harder to others in these cases these students would have more time to get things done and more help with work. The teacher would take more time making sure that the students understand every step of the way.

But this way of learning also has some disadvantages, when grouping like this, the students in the lower level may get anxious, of feel less smart due to being put in a certain group. But if student are in the higher level it may make the student feel really pressured to do everything perfect, which may make them feel overwhelmed.

But this way of learning does excel from other learning types because the higher level students are not forced to be slower than average, and the lower level students have more help in understanding and not getting irritated at their work.

Depression in Teens

article by Lili Cammett and Destiny Doucette
edited by Elizabeth Marston 

Have you ever had a friend or family member that you think could be depressed or thinking about suicide? If you think so, read below.

Depression in teens is a very serious issue and should not be fooled around with. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, approximately one out of five adolescents has a diagnosable mental health disorder, and nearly one-third show symptoms of depression. Depression is identified as a “serious mental health problem that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities,” according to A teen will not just stick out to you or to anyone also it isn’t easy to notice if a teen is depressed. The hardest part about noticing depression in adolescent teens is that many of the symptoms are recognized as normal teen behavior. This mental disorder affects how a teen will think, act, and feel on a daily basis. Even though it is normal for teenagers for occasionally be down in the dumps or upset, depression is a completely different story.

To be clear, there is no one cause for why people develop depression. There can be may factors to why it happens though. A variety of issues may be involved in the process of adolescent depression. Some of the causes that your teen may be depressed is that is he or she: biological chemistry, hormones, inherited traits, early childhood trauma and learning patterns of negative thinking. Also some symptoms that your child could be depressed are: irritability, poor performance in school, feelings of sadness that can lead to crying spells for no reason, social withdrawal or anger. As you can tell, these symptoms can be an emotional or behavioral change. However, just because someone displays these symptoms does not mean they are depressed. You should only be concerned if these occur over several weeks. According to, depression in teens is increasing at an alarming rate. Not only is it hard for adults to recognize depression in teenagers, it may also be hard for a teen themselves to recognize their own symptoms because they don’t tend to express or understand their feelings very well.

A very important aspect to be familiar with and understand before or after a teen is diagnosed with depression are the suicide warning signs. First of all, if you or anyone you know, teenager or not, are thinking about hurting yourself or attempting suicide call 911 or your local emergency number right away. There is also a national suicide hotline (1-800-273-8255) if you need someone to talk to during hard times. The possibility of wanting to commit suicide is a serious issue no matter how severe a person’s depression is. Also, if you think your teen or anyone is thinking about suicide these are the signs yo watch out for: Talking about suicide, writing about suicide, giving away a lot of personal stuff, starting to do reckless stuff, romanticizing death, saying goodbye to family or friends(in person or online) and posting stuff on social media about wanted to commit suicide or death. There are many ways to help treat teen depression. “If depression symptoms continue or begin to interfere in your teens life, talk to a doctor or mental health professional trained to work with adolescents. Your teens family doctor or pediatrician is a good place to start. Or your teens school may recommend someone.” ( It’s likely that depression symptoms won’t just get better on their own. That is why seeking help is so important.

What are some treatments for depression?

Psychotherapy, this is a talk therapy which is a good initial treatment choice, it helps determine what kind of things you need to focus on to get better.

Group Therapy, for some teens group therapy works out better because they connect with others and learn they aren’t alone.

Medication, antidepressant drugs are typically just for major cases of depression, in order to be prescribed these drugs you need to be examined by a doctor to make sure they are necessary and beneficial for you.

Concluding that suicide and depression is nothing to mess around with, if you think a friend or not even a friend even someone you just know is thinking about suicide or is very depressed don’t just watch them fall down the hole get them help.

Are Dogs Genetically or Environmentally Aggressive?

article by Izabella Caruolo
edited by Emma Snyder

There have been multiple arguments between scientists about if dog aggression is genetic or environmental. Some believe it's genetic, some believe it's environmental and some even think it's both. As a human we can control when we want to be aggressive (most of the time). We believe we know that dogs can control their aggression too. If they smell something that they associate with danger then they may start to bark at you in a aggressive tone. Sometimes a dog will bark at you or someone who tries to get close to them, this is because they may feel threatened by you. Hence the reason why they may snap, growl, bark, or attack you. This is just basic behavior we all know and is something many dogs do, but do certain dog breeds show this more than others?

If you asked me if the aggression was from genes or the environment I would say both. According to WholeDogJournal Jessica Hekman wrote an article, “Is Our Dog's Behaviour Genetic?” she wrote, “Just as we don’t have complete control over the genetic contributions to a dog’s personality, we lack complete control over the puppy’s environment. By the time the breeder and then the owner are formally socializing a puppy, the little canine brain has already gone through massive amounts of development.” As a person we can’t completely control a dog's genes and a dog’s environment. Breeding two dogs that aren’t aggressive doesn’t mean their offspring won’t be aggressive, sometimes it's just where the puppy was brought up. If they had a family who was aggressive towards the dog and abused it, then it’s most likely that they will be aggressive towards others, because they are scared. Being aggressive towards others is the only thing they know to survive.

It is also possible that the dog will end up having genes that are like their parent’s personalities. Also according to Whole Dog Journal's, “Is Our Dogs Behaviour Genetic?” Jessica had wrote, “It turns out that personality is influenced by many, many genes, and if you breed for any other traits in addition to temperament, like looks or performance, then your ability to guarantee particular results in the puppy goes out the window.” A dog has both of their parent’s genes and they may get some of their personality from those genes. There is a 50/50 chance that the offspring will have the mother’s or father’s personality with their own personality. Their aggression can be one of their parent’s traits and/or their own just from their environment.

German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Behaviour Comparison

A German Shepherd is known to be one of the most aggressive dog breeds, because of their history and most common job as a police dog. You can always find a German Shepherd next to a police officer in airports or highly populated train stations or in populated cities. They are mostly used for drug busts, are trained to smell illegal drugs such as medical marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, and used for search and rescue. A German Shepherd is a pet that is very protective, loyal, alert and very intelligent. Unfortunately, they are stereotyped as the most aggressive dog next to pitbulls, which makes it hard for people to have them as pets or to see them as pets. It takes patience and dedication to train a German Shepherd. German Shepherds will have tempers and they will be aggressive if they feel threatened, which is why most people who do own this beautiful dog have spent time training them to be obedient and kind.

On the other hand, a Golden Retriever isn’t known to be aggressive. They are very popular family dogs. Goldens are obedient, playful, intelligent, well-mannered, are kind especially to strangers, and very good with kids. These beloved dogs are great for being watchdogs, but don’t make great guard dogs due to their social butterfly-like personality. These dogs love to be around people and die for attention. If they are left alone for too long they will develop separation anxiety, which may lead to bad behavior like chewing objects that aren’t made to be chewed on, like your favorite pair of shoes. Goldens thrive on companionship. Unlike German Shepherds they don’t get stereotyped as the most aggressive dog breed and are viewed as one of the sweetest and happiest dog today.

School Lunches

article by Noelle DesVergnes
edited by Emma Snyder

School lunches are a big factor in children’s and young adult’s lives. Because of this I believe school lunches need a change in order to keep the obesity rates low and to keep students healthy.

Students get most of their calorie intake at school, since school takes up about three quarters of the year. Since students get most of their calories at school, and from school lunches, the lunches should be as healthy as possible.

Now, I understand the problem of the not having enough money, but this should be our number one priority. Also, students don't have enough time to eat. At Massabesic we have about 20 minutes to eat which is not nearly enough time for kids to fully consume their lunches. With not enough time to eat ALL the foods on their plate, they go for the “good” stuff first. In other words, this means the sweet chocolatey stuff and desserts, they could care less about a plate full of greens compared to a plate full of sweets when they only have 15-20 minutes to eat.

Just from a couple of these statements, most people have probably realized how much of an impact this has on students, especially with developing brains. To stop obesity rates from climbing, we need to change this. What you can do to help yourself is, to start packing your own healthy lunches with plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein. If you do order lunch, go for the vegetables instead of the sweets first. If you have a choice of soda or water, go with water.

In conclusion, these are only some of the things you can do to increase your health, and to decrease your risk of future health problems later on in life.

These two pictures are a comparison of Italy’s and U.S.’s lunches. You can clearly see how much healthier Italy’s lunch is, and how different the two are. Citation- Revealing Photo Series Documents School Lunches Around the World.

This picture shows another example of the U.S.’s lunch compared to a much healthier one, Brazil. You can clearly spot the differences in the color and freshness of the food. Citation- How Do School Lunches Around The World Look?


How Marine Pollution Affects the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

article by Anna Snyder
edited by Emma Snyder

All around the world, plastic pollutes ocean waters each year. Approximately 1.15 to 2.14 million tons of plastic are released into the ocean from rivers every year. When plastic is released into the ocean, it is trapped by the circular motion of currents. These currents then draw debris into the center where it will stay there. This has later resulted in the creation of an island of trash. This patch of trash, located in the Pacific Ocean is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The trash patch today has an estimated surface area of 1.6 million kilometers. To put this into perspective, the trash is twice the size of Texas and three times the size of France. It was predicted by scientists but was officially discovered by a racing ship captain, named Charles Moore. He discovered the patch on his way back from Hawaii to California after a yachting competition. Him and his crew noticed it when millions of pieces of trash started to surround their ship. All of the trash was in so many different shapes and sizes because of the plastics inability to decompose. So, on a simple note the plastic can never break down, the pieces just degrade into tiny and tinier pieces until not seen by the effect of the sun’s waves and marine life.

All of this trash and plastic is a major problem for the environment and for life in general. It mostly affects animals like seals, seal lions, birds, plankton, dolphins, turtles, and many other marine life that live in the ocean. A couple major reasons of how the trash affects the animals is many of them think the trash is food, because of the plastic’s shape, size, and color. For example, turtles mistakenly think plastic bags are jellyfish, which they can accidentally eat. Because plastic is not edible, it is unable for animals to live off of it. This leads to the deaths of many animals, because of malnutrition. Another reason why plastic is so harmful to animals is because they can get entangled in the plastic and trash which sadly can result in slow deaths. These slow deaths are caused by major wounds, infection, and starvation. Approximately 640,000 fishing gear is polluted in the water every year which results in at least 136,000 seals, sea lions, and other mammals to be killed every year. The deaths caused by fishing nets, is known as ghost fishing. Ghost fishing, along with malnutrition from plastics, are only some of the major dangers that this plastic patch has on the world and our animals. If this continues, plastic could possibly create a major negative change in the food chain, and could possibly result in major problems in the future.

Knowing this, we need to try to prevent more plastic from entering the patch. Even though there isn’t a immediate or permanent change of getting rid of the patch, we can do little things like recycling and reusing water bottles, instead of buying plastic bottles. All of this can help contribute to an end to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and can make Earth a safer and happier place to live in.

This picture shows a sea turtle that is wrapped up and trapped in a plastic fishing net, which can later drown the turtle in the process called “ghost fishing.” Citation- “Great Pacific Garbage Patch Weighs More than 43,000 Cars and Is Much Larger than We Thought.” Google Search, Google,

Lower view of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Here you can see numerous pieces of trash that are recognizable, unrecognizable, tiny, and big. Citation- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Three Times the Size of France and Growing, Study Finds.

How Does Society Define Beauty

article by Annabelle Cote and Brianna Mooers
edited by Jack St. Laurent

Beauty- a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. By this definition, in order to be considered beautiful, you have to have a certain shape, color, or form, and you have to appeal to people. If someone doesn’t have a certain body type then you are an outsider and people will treat you different.

Many girls nowadays wear makeup, no matter if they are insecure or comfortable in their own skin. They do it for fun, they do it to feel more powerful, they do it to be beautiful, they do it to feel like they are enough. Just because a girl wears makeup, it does not mean she wants to look different or “better”. However, there are plenty of girls out there that would pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for better makeup that covers all of their imperfections, or even for cosmetic surgery to look like models in magazines.

Today’s society wants you to wear tons of makeup to look more “beautiful”, to cover up your insecurities. However, they then contradict themselves by saying women don’t need makeup to be considered “beautiful.” Society has such a strong hold on the way that females perceive they should act, look, feel, think, and present themselves. As we look at the pictures of the “perfect girls” on the cover of magazines, we want to look just like them. We want to find similar characteristics in ourselves and when we don’t find them we feel worse about who we are as people. But what everyone tends to forget, is that the people on the covers of these magazines that everyone wants to look like, are normal people. You could see them on the streets tomorrow and not even know it’s them. These models put on the articles of clothing and pose, photoshop does the rest.

You can become rich if your body is how society wants it. You can become a model, or you can become famous and get paid for looking the way society has told women they have to look. It isn’t easy, and most celebrities and models have surgery done and use photoshop. However, none of this is right. Women should not have to change themselves to gain some money. To get money, you should focus on your education and smarts. You should not have to look attractive to an employer so you can get a job.

High end makeup brands tend to boost up the cost of their products because they want to appeal more to the people who can actually afford it and make it a trend (the wealthy), rather than average people who cannot afford a $250 foundation every time they run out of their foundation.

Concussions and the Teen Brain

article by Ryan Castonguay, Brady Cormier, and Jack St. Laurent
edited by Jack St. Laurent

What is a concussion? A concussion is a brain injury provoked by a blow to the head that causes the brain to rapidly move back and forth. This is becoming a more common injury in youth and high school sports. This affects their school, and social lives in many ways.

One in five student athletes will experience a concussion during their season. During their concussion, they will have many limitations. For example, they can't be exposed to too much light and they can’t have much screen time. The concussion also can affect the brain cognitively, emotionally, and physically. It can cause slowness in thinking and forgetfulness. It can cause people to be more worried and for them not to be themselves. Lastly, it can cause dizziness and nausea. Concussions are very serious and can’t be taken lightly.

There are lifetime consequences that come with all concussions as people that have previously had concussions, especially teens are known to have some work deficiencies. Parents and guardians have seen the effects that these concussions have on their student athletes, and they aren’t too happy about them. Athletes are truly being effected on and off the field when it comes to concussions. Things like school are now deeply affected and these athletes struggle to do their best work.

In conclusion, concussions aren’t something you want to play around with. Not giving your child or yourself the proper amount of limitations after a concussion may affect you or them in the long run. It is deeply brought to mind that concussions do need the proper treatment. If your not handled with care after a concussion, don’t be surprised if you see many deficiencies in school, sports, or even your social life. So “heads up” and be careful with your head because it truly plays a huge role in your life.

The Effect of Technology on Children

Article by Erin Partridge and Kaylei Chabre
Edited by Jack St. Laurent

Technology is a huge uprising in society today. There's a huge controversy, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Are kids using too much technology? Are parents not doing enough to lessen screen time every day? Today we will find out how much technology really affects society.

Technology can influence mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and can even show symptoms of autism. Parents usually dismiss these symptoms and don’t look deeper into these problems, and never see their kids technology as a harmful factor, which can eventually lead to serious disorders. On average, elementary school kids use about 7.5 hours of technology each day, with tv’s, ipads, cell phones, etc.

Technology also affect children’s performance in school. Technology can keep teens up late at night, causing exhaustion the next day. This can make kids fall asleep during school, day dream during lessons, and forget about daily tasks necessary. Lack of sleep can influence intense mood swings. The information one takes in can easily be forgotten. This influences how people execute their everyday tasks.

Although technology creates personal satisfaction, and helps in the classroom for research, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has a positive impact on you brain. Too much screen time can prevent your child from wanting to do anything that has to do with physical activity. Kids and teens tend to get addicted to these hunks of glass and metal easily. Studies show that phones are the equivalent to a slot machine, just in your pocket.

At home, some parents tend to just hand off their phone to their kids because they are being to ‘hyper’. But they are kids, they are supposed to be running around burning energy and being active. Parents phones are usually packed with video games to distract their kids, games like Surgeon Simulator, where you get to perform surgery on people with crazy instruments. It is made to look kid friendly but the overall objective is gruesome. These games cause kids to become aggressive and violent. Bonds become rough and socializing will decrease.

Overall apps technology is corrupting society, especially apps. Less apps should be used due to the amount of violence and laziness occuring, like on the go order apps. Technology seems to be taking over our lives and there needs to be a limit of use, but in order for that to happen we must do something.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Effects of Technology on Kids

article by Izzy Hurlburt and Makenna Roy
edited by Emma Snyder

These days parents are noticing a rapid change in their family structure and lifestyle. It can go from kids using electronic devices at the dinner table and then later going into kids being disobedient when parents try to limit the usage of electronic devices. By electronics, gone is dining room table conversation, which is replaced by the “big screen.” Technology plays a big role on how these kids grow and develop.

By using technology these kids can grow up with social issues, becoming less likely to communicate with others since most of their time is being spent on technology. This can really affect the way they grow up because kids need friends and people to keep them entertained and involved. Some may say that these impacts are what technology does for them, but it can really have an affect on the development of their brains. It can affect the ability of problem solving, reasoning, creativity, memory, language, and learning.

According to, “Four critical factors necessary to achieve healthy child development are movement, touch, human connection, and exposure to nature. These types of sensory inputs ensure normal development of posture, bilateral coordination, optimal arousal states and self-regulation necessary for achieving foundation skills for eventual school entry.” But by kids using technology so often, they aren't getting these factors. On the nature side of this, spending time outdoors has a huge number of positive effects on the body .  It provides you with exposure to sunlight, which supplies your body with Vitamin D. This helps to fight infections and keep your skin healthy. Additionally, regular exposure to sunlight helps to keep your sleep cycle regular by influencing the body’s production of melatonin. With that being said, if children don’t go outside as much they will lack melatonin which would affect their performance in school. Going outside can also benefit kids physically. By running around and getting exercise, these kids are less at risk for obesity, diabetes and other health problems. states that, “According to market researcher conducted by Childwise in 2015, kids aged five-16 average 6.5 hours screen time a day, with teenage boys spending the most time on screens – an average of 8 hours a day. Thus, a typical kid can expect to spend upwards of 90 days – or 3 months – a year staring at a screen. That’s a 116% increase in screen time consumption since 1995.” With these stats you can see that as technology is advancing so is the time spent using them.

To conclude, we need to take an action to limit the use of technology kids are using. In some ways they are good, like for learning in school. But outside of school kids should be spending time outside and using their imaginations, not being cooped up inside all day staring at a screen that also could impair their vision. If this continues the next generation would be left with kids who are disobedient when it comes time to put the electronic away, a society where people’s lives revolve around social media, and unhealthy kids because they didn’t have the chance to develop right.

This picture shows two young kids fully fixated on their electronics like they are being “sucked in.” Citation-Children and Technology: Should You Be Concerned?

This picture shows a young girl trying desperately to reach her tablet rather than read the actual books she is standing on. This demonstrates and puts into reality how much technology is influencing and impacting young kids, and changing how we use other resources. Citation- The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Brief History of the World's most Inspiring Scientist

A Brief History of the World's most Inspiring Scientist 
Written by Jacob Beaulieu
Edited by Andrew Holmquist

     Stephen Hawking, the amazing british physicist who wrote the bestselling book A Brief History of Time, died this year on March 14 at the age of 76. Hawking was considered to be the world's greatest scientist by lots of people, and it was Hawking who helped come up with one of the most believed creation theories, the Big Bang theory. Hawking lived a very inspiring and meaningful life, so let's take a look at a brief history of this brilliant man.
     Stephen Hawking was born in England on January 8th, 1942. He went to multiple colleges to study physics and cosmology. When he was 21 he was Diagnosed with ALS (a neurodegenerative disease) he became paralyzed, lost the ability to speak, and was given about 2 years left to live. However, Stephen kept living and he got his PhD. An electronic voice machine was given to him so he could talk and further his career in science. 
     Hawking had many scientific discoveries including his contributions to the big bang theory and his complete reimagining of the black hole. Hawking also wrote lots of books such as A Brief History of Time and The Universe in a Nutshell. Hawking was very passionate about science. He once stated "Science is not only a disciple of reason, but, also, one of romance and passion." 
     Stephen Hawking was a very inspiring man who had many major accomplishments. He was very bright and helped us take many great leaps in the world of science. He was a truly inspiring man. “Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”

MBDA Festival

MBDA Festival

Written by Luc Beaulieu
Edited by Emily Baker

     On March 27th, 2018 the MHS concert band traveled to Scarborough High School to participate in MBDA (Maine Band Directors Association) festival. The band, directed by Mr. Goad, performed three pieces at the concert. They performed Danzon from Fancy Free by Leonard Bernstein, American Elegy By Frank Ticheli and, American Folk Song Trilogy by Claude T. Smith. These songs were performed before a panel of judges who scored the performance.

     After playing through their chosen music, the MHS concert band was then tasked to sight-read a piece they had never seen or practiced before. They were also scored on their performance of this piece. Afterwards, they were given a clinic to improve on one of their chosen pieces (American Elegy). Overall the band scored a silver rating (88/100).

     The MHS concert band played this same set again for an audience at Massabesic Middle School on April 5th, opening for the concert band from the University of Maine in Orono. The MHS concert band and chorus also played a concert at the Limerick Town Hall on April 3rd in which they performed chamber music for a crowd.

.Photos taken by Pamela Beaulieu

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We're Going to Miss You When You're Gone

We’re Going To Miss You When You’re Gone
Written By: Camryn Champlin 
Edited By: Trevor Beals
(School Life)

     “We’re Going To Miss You When You’re Gone” is an understatement when it comes to Mrs. Chamoff. Many of you may know her as Cham, Mrs. Cham, or Chammy. Many were sad to hear that she will be retiring at the end of this year. Mrs. Chamoff has been a teacher here at Massabesic High for 16 years. Leaving an everlasting mark on Massabesic High School. 
     She has blessed us with her knowledge, skill, and talents. She has touched the lives of many people, not only here at school, but outside of school. Her laughter, smile, and quality to always brighten your day is something we will never forget. Recently performing in the Massabesic High School Annual Talent Show, she beautifully sang “When I am gone” by Anna Kendrick. Speaking of the talent show, Mrs. Chamoff has organized and put together, many fun events here at MHS. 
      She is the leader of the famous “Culture Club” and has never fallen short to bring students on amazing journeys. Cham is irreplaceable and will be missed in great lengths. “Mrs. Chamoff has taught many generations, and I was thrilled to find out that she had taught my brother when he was in school. I talked to my brother to see if he remembered her and he told me that she is one of the very few he will never forget.” -Camryn Champlin. Her amazing plans for retirement are to, “cure cancer, create world peace, and sleep past five o’clock in the morning.” 

Massabesic Goes to the Movies!

Massabesic Goes to the Movies!
By Rachael Bonia
Edited by Emma Sweeney
(School Life)

     Thursday night, March 29, many eager people filed into the auditorium in anticipation to see Mrs. Chamoff’s very last talent show, Massabesic Goes to the Movies! Mrs. Chamoff is a language arts teacher and Culture Club advisor, she has been working at Massabesic High School for 16 years. She has made quite a popular name for herself at MHS in that time, and one of things she is well known for is her spectacular talent shows. Every year she attempts to top herself, and every year she succeeds far beyond everyone's standards. 
     Right of the bat, we were greeted by the cutest father and son duo ever, heart-warming and talented. The father had an amazing voice and played guitar very well, his son sung right alongside him and wore a hulk outfit. Absolutely adorable. They sung from the Jungle Book and The Lion King; at the end the father had us chant “hulk smash” which then spurred his son to go all WWF on a giant stuffed animal. That father has a lot to be proud of, the son came onto that stage with confidence and determination. The second act was performed by a very experienced dancer, she tapped along to the song Woogie Bugle Boy. This performance definitely left smiles on everyone's faces.
The Generation
     I think that we all have to admit that her 2018 talent show was by far the best. Not only were we greeted with some MHS fine talent, but it was also a tad bit emotional for her and the audience. The third act of the night was a special performance by the queen herself, Norrie Chamoff, singing Cups with some slight alterations. We can all agree she slayed the song with spirit, classiness, jazz, and humor, all while pulling at the audience’s heartstrings. Mrs. Chamoff remained the only performer to receive an immediate and loud standing ovation, which was definitely deserved. Once the crowd finished clapping and sat down, she was greeted with a special bouquet of flowers from student, followed by a few words about how much everyone will miss her and remember her, and all the things she has taught us. No doubt there was tears in the audience.
     The last two acts of the first half included two girls singing Safe and Sound from the Hunger Games and a really cool band of seven, which sang some really cool rock songs. In intermission there was snacks and a 50/50 raffle. After intermission we had a wide variety of talents which included martials arts, bass guitar, ballet, singing, and electric guitar. Every performance was absolutely amazing, and well chosen. Talent shows are a great way to get in the spotlight and really show people who you are. 
Grand Finale
     The finale, what we had all been waiting for! It was an inspirational performance. Mrs. Chamoff and some students sung Imagine from Mr. Holland’s Opus, and then halfway through culture club members came out with signs, held them up and surprised the whole audience when it said HUMAN. On the back of the signs were something each person enjoyed, or was labeled as. It was truly an eye-opening performance showing us that everyone is human, and we should try and get along for the short time that we are here on Earth.  Mrs. Chamoff, you have been so amazing to all of us and inspired us more than you know, your sassy and happy attitude always lightens up the room. You have made your mark at MHS for sure, and Massabesic is definitely going to miss you when you’re gone.

Beloved Chamoff <3