Monday, December 11, 2017

The Remodeled Hannaford

article by Andrew Lawpaugh
edited by Nick Hammond

You thought Hannaford was good enough? All over Maine, Hannafords have been getting remodeled, and the Waterboro Hannaford's remodeling has just been completed! Hannaford now has new checkout aisles as well as self checkouts. All the checkouts are longer, and brand new. Not only did the Hannaford in Waterboro get remodeled, but other Hannafords in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and other states have their Hannaford’s remodeled.
Image result for hannaford remodel
Hannaford’s new Self Checkouts.
Hannaford started in the early 1900’s, in Portland, Maine. From then to now, it has changed a lot. Unfortunately, remodels are costly, and they take up time to build. The new remodel has a customer service spot for any issues that take place. “I like the new remodel, but I miss the old model because the self checkouts are irritating,” says Natalie Lawpaugh, a customer at the Waterboro Hannaford. Most self-service checkouts can be irritating for customers due to the scales that measure the food are off. Some food items are too light for the scales to notice and you can easily mess it up. However, the inclusion of self checkouts allow for speedier lines to help with volume, even if they take a little getting used to. 
To wrap it up, the new remodel is definitely better, because of the longer aisles, a customer service spot, and self-service checkouts to minimize long line waiting. Go see the new remodel in the Waterboro Hannaford’s if you haven’t!
Image result for waterboro hannaford remodel
The outside of the Waterboro Hannaford’s during the night.

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