Monday, December 11, 2017

The Release of the iPhone X

article by Haley Kamenides
edited by Ryan Castonguay

    Release of the iPhone X
The newest iPhone is finally here, the much anticipated iPhone X. Millions of people searched pictures and release dates online. This filled everyone’s minds with many questions. Like, why did they skip the iPhone 9? Or, Why is it called an iPhone X? Is it more like a Samsung now? Many features on the phone shocked people because of how much the device could do on its own, and all of the new features, like face ID. Image result for iphone x
The phone was announced on September 12, 2017, and released in stores on November 3, 2017, though many pre-order them online shortly after they were announced. “We don’t know how it will impact Apple’s overall sales,” Apple stated, “or whether it will set off a kind of mobile arms race to see which phone maker can outdo the other in the upper premium price point.” I truly believe that the release of the X will spark the next generation of cell phones.
The iPhone X is known as the most advanced iPhones yet, but the better the phone, the more the price. This amazed many people that a phone costs into the 4 digits. With that easily is a lot of different opinions like, “I would never buy a phone for that much money.” Also, opinions like “This phone has such amazing features it’s easily worth that much money.”
Research shows from the makers, workers, and buyers that the most obvious standout feature of the iPhone X is its beautiful edge to edge OLED screen. Yet, it is copied from Android services and a lot of people that are strong fans of the differences between the iPhones and the Androids, don’t like how it has been copied.
Brilliant and more than just smart features were added to the phone. One of the most talked about features is the face identification feature. This gives you privacy by hiding certain notifications when the phone senses the owner is not in possession of the phone. This extra layer of security and privacy attracts many people to the phone, aside from it’s new and advanced looks.
Apple shows that even though there was a lot of new phone releases in line up for the past few years, the company spent a ton of time focusing on the X. It is by far the most exciting Apple product that has been launched in years, and they worked hard to cover all its key features to represent the tenth anniversary for the iPhone. There is a lot of new technology packed in the small device and this proves why it is so expensive. After knowing facts and research, buyers would not call this phone overpriced.

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