Monday, December 11, 2017

The Different Consequences for Bullying in the Middle and High School

article by Belle Cote
edited by Nick Hammond

As we all know, bullying is a thing that happens in all schools, but what we don’t know is that even in our district, there are different consequences for bullying.

At Massabesic High School, the administration treats bullying as a fight. If you are caught bullying at the high school, it is a 1-4 day out of school suspension (OSS), the students are put on a no contact contract, and they fill out a bullying report. Whereas, at the middle school, the focus is on “being proactive,” says Kelly Grantham, Assistant Principal at the middle school. She also says, “While consequences do work, we also want to create a climate where bullying is prevented before it begins.”

At Massabesic Middle School (MMS), they also have a punishment system that can be changed based on the “context, severity, location, and frequency of an issue.” So, depending on the situation, there could be more severe consequences, depending on how serious the bullying is, where it is occuring, what is being said or done, and how often it happens.

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