Monday, December 11, 2017

School Lunches

article by Noelle DesVergnes
edited by Nick Hammond

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MHS cafeteria, after school
Do you like your schools lunch? The reason I ask is because 77% of 1,300 students don’t like school lunches. At every school there is a lunch policy. This is called The National School Lunch Program. This program is an assurance that kids are getting the appropriate nutrients at a fair price. However, students still complain about the food that is being served. Some of the students here love the food and all of their choices, but others don’t. I’ll be explaining both sides of these opinions.
I’ve heard multiple statements where students have drank expired milk and gotten sick from it. A student at MHS, Teneyce Neadu, said, “I didn’t realize it was spoiled till I drank it and got sick.” Students believe that eating school lunches every day isn’t healthy and that it should be 100% better. The portions that we are given is not big enough to fill us, especially for athletes and bigger kids. There isn’t any point in exercising if right after we eat junk food.
Although some kids believe that these school lunches are unhealthy and unappetizing others love the amount of choices they get and the food. Students love the choice of ice-cream and a chicken patty. Younger students don’t understand what they need to be healthy, so when they have a choice of ice-cream and pizza they attack it. Also, they don't realize the extra price they are paying for that ice-cream cone. They believe that the price is cheap enough for what they are being served, but what they don’t understand is that this food is frozen until it gets microwaved and the food that they serve is made in factories. Also, there are state and federal requirements that indicate how many calories a school has to offer, which makes it hard to offer only healthy options, provide the required number of calories, and still be affordable to the school and students.
In conclusion, whether you're 8 or 18, everyone needs to understand what type of food your school is selling to you. We are there 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, for 10 months, we need a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

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