Monday, December 11, 2017

Open Gym

article by Erin Partridge and Natalie Winters
edited by Addy Brandt

Do you like to play active, exciting games with a large group of people? Then open gym is for you! Open gym is a fun activity that takes place after school, located at the West building gym.  They have many things to do, such as soccer, basketball, and many other sports. The majority of the time basketball is played during the two hours available. While they do end up switching it up and playing other games or sports, however, during indoor sports, such volleyball and cheerleading, open gym is not available.
     Anybody can go to open gym, and there are never too many people! Now you may be wondering how to sign up.  Well, you don’t have to! You simply just show up, and you are ready to go. Unfortunately, you will have to wait to check out open gym until after winter sports! But no worries, because you won’t have to wait long to go and hang out with your friends after school. Even if you don't know anybody at open gym, it's a perfect opportunity to make new friends.
We interviewed some people that go regularly to open gym, The first question we asked them was what type of games do they play? The common answer was, “Whatever you want to play.” The next question we asked was what days of the week was open gym? They said, “Every day besides Friday.” Next we asked what was their favorite thing about open gym? They answered “making new friends.” You’re able to do whatever you would like in open gym while making new friends. Right now open gym has ended but definitely should be back when there is no more indoor sports.
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In conclusion, open gym is a way to have fun while meeting new people you never thought you could be friends with. You can do any activity you want, people mostly play basketball. You won’t need to worry about rides either, the late bus will take you home! When open gym opens back up give it a try, meet new people, and most importantly, have fun!

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