Monday, December 11, 2017

No Medals For Russia This Olympics

written by Jack St.Laurent and Ryan Castonguay

The world games, also known as the Olympics, bring the whole world together but who won't be attending the games this year? Russia. Russia has been proven guilty of extensive, state-backed doping programs. So as punishment, all Russian government officials are forbidden to attend the games, the Russian flag will not be displayed in the opening ceremony, and their national anthem will not be played. On top of that Russia will have no medals recorded in the books for them.
Not all Russians are bad though. Russians that have been approved, and gone through extensive drug testing, will be permitted to compete in neutral uniforms under no country. Their medals will be only recorded to their names, not their country. One Olympic official states, “The ban could be lifted on Russia before the closing ceremony so the Russian flag can make a symbolic appearance in the final hours of the 2018 Olympic games.” The Olympic officials are not bad people, they are just applying the rules so that the games are played fairly. “This decision should draw a firm line and prevent any more drugging cases for a while,” Said another Olympic committee member at a news conference.
The punishment might have been less if this had been the first time. But it is not. Steroids had been found in Russians during the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and on top of that, Russians had tampered with the tests so that their competitors could still compete.
Then in 2016, there were steroids found again in Russians so their events were restricted. So now that it is their third time, Olympic officials have said enough is enough. So they took away Russia's privilege to compete at this year's Olympics and fined them 15 million dollars. So, it looks like this year Russia will have to leave the medal-winning to the other countries.

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