Monday, December 11, 2017

Mustang Apparel Fundraiser for Class of 2021

article by : Mallory Mulrath & Riley Greenleaf
edited by : Katelyn Dearborn

Most of you all know that this past November, the Massabesic High School class of 2021 had a Mustang apparel fundraiser. But have you ever wondered why this fundraiser took place? Obviously we wouldn’t have a fundraiser for no reason. As you know, the high school classes have a class president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The vice president and the president are the ones who do most of the planning and decision making, while the secretary usually helps with the process and setting up the different fundraisers and activities. The treasurer’s job is to count all of the money that the class makes from a fundraiser, store it, and keep it safe. There is also a student council, which is made up of 4 students. The student council members attend the meetings, and usually help with the thinking process, and the setting up of the finished plans. Each member of the class office has a very important role to play to help make our school a better community.

Before we get to the actual fundraiser, you’re probably wondering what kinds of apparel that the class of 2021 was selling. Well, there was a variety of items, colors, and styles to choose from. There was a wide variety of clothing such a t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, vests, and sweatpants. Each of them had different styles to choose from, such as differently cut shirts for men and women, and different colors like gray, white, green, and gold. You can also customize your clothing items by getting your class printed on it. The prices of all these items usually ranged from $15 to $30. People could order as many items as they wanted from the catalog, and their orders would be delivered to them through the main office at the high school.

Here is an example of some of the apparel that was available for purchase

Clearly this event was organized to raise money, but why? We had this fundraiser to pay for things for the class of 2021. For example, they help pay for caps and gowns, yearbooks, and senior trips. All the money raised is organized by the class office. They are in charge of knowing how much money is raised and how much more we need.

So if you were wondering what these fundraisers were for, now you know. And if you couldn’t participate last time, there will be many more to come. So thank you to everyone who does take part in helping out the class of 2021!

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