Monday, December 11, 2017


article by Emma Snyder
edited by Ryan Castonguay

Jelena is back! One of Hollywood's most idolized couples, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, broke up in 2012. We cried over thinking they would never get together again, but we were all wrong. This early November it was announced that the two finally got together again shortly after Selena’s break up with The Weeknd.
The two are said to have gotten back in touch a couple months after Selena’s major kidney transplant over the summer. The pair associated and reconnected with mutual friends and through seeing each other at Church. It wasn’t known that the pair had been seeing each other again until Justin was spotted visiting her at her house at a get together with friends, however, Selena was still with The Weekend at the time. One week later Selena and Justin had apparently spent the whole day together, being seen getting breakfast, going to Church and then later being seen again at Selena’s house hanging out. Was it a coincidence that the next day The Weeknd and Selena broke up? Since then the couple’s public appearances have continued and they are now giving another try to their relationship.
Looking back at the past we remember the first time we saw the two of them together in public which was at IHop. However, Selena claimed that they were just friends. Looking at this now we knew that was a lie. As expected, with dating rumors of the two going around it was confirmed something was going on when on January 2011  paparazzi spotted the two kissing on a yacht in St. Lucia. Selena and Justin’s relationship continued strong until in 2012 when they had their first split. From there in 2013 Selena came out with a song that seemed directed to a certain person. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest when he slipped a question about her song asking who it could possibly be about, she stated it wasn’t about a specific person. However many fans theorize it was about Beiber. 
The next two years were confusing for Justin and Selena’s relationship. First of all January 2014 was the year when Justin went total bad boy with his bizarre incidents such as being arrested for drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license. Selena also in the same month checked into rehab. However, sightings of the two of them still continued those years. In August 2016 Gomez and Bieber had a full on Instagram war that went back and forth after a picture of Justin and his new girlfriend Sofia Richie on Justin’s Instagram that got hate from many fans. The fight was about their old relationship involving many comments and cheating accusations on both sides. After the chat was deleted and Justin deleted his own Instagram Selena posted a story on her Snapchat saying what she did was selfish and pointless. A few months later after the incident, Selena cut her Rival tour to get help at a facility in Tennessee for her depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Could this be about Bieber? On January 2017 it was a new beginning for Selena when she began a relationship with The Weeknd. However, after Selena’s major surgery for her kidney that she announced in September 2017 on Instagram, her and Justin started their reconnection. They were seen together through the months of September and October but Selena was still with The Weeknd at the time and she claimed the two are just friends. 
Just a week after the reports Selena and The Weekend announced their split and in the weeks following the breakup Justin and Selena were seen hanging out and kissing. As of now, it is confirmed the two are dating and there could be a possible proposal in the future hinted when Justin was blushing and smiling after being asked the question by The Hollywood Fix.
Whatever is held in the future for the two is unknown but all we can do now is cheer that the two are finally together again!

Picture to the left shows Justin Bieber and
Selena Gomez riding bikes
together on Nov. 1.

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