Monday, December 11, 2017

Game Club

article by Lauren Weko
edited by Addy Brandt

What is game club? If your interests include playing lively games with a huge group of friends, you should keep reading.  Game club might be the thing for you!
Game club is held in the library, and is the place for you if you want to hang out with friends, or make friends and love playing all different types of games. The things you do in game club are, well, obviously play games. What types if games?  This is a good question.  The games that are played at Game Club include Smash Bros, Guitar Heroes, Yug-i-oh, different board games, Magic the Gathering, and others found on the laptops and the school computers. Other things you can do in Game Club are work on your school work or homework, and watch YouTube. Everyone always has something to do, and this club also helps people practice taking turns and keeping a low voice.  Game Club was started and is run by Mrs. Pennel and anywhere between 25  and 50 people will attend depending on the day. Game club doesn't cost anything except fun, and staying safe. Probably the hardest thing to do in game club is stay quiet as there are so many people and competitive, fun games. The games are school appropriate and fun. Check it out some time sometime any Tuesday after school. Don't worry, you'll get a late bus pass!

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